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Articles Online

  1. How to Use Theatrical Contact Lenses Safely - Written by Eye Contact Guide - Submitted on 1/22/2007
  2. Can People with Astigmatism Wear Contacts? - Written by Eye Contact Guide - Submitted on 11/8/2006
  3. Even the Timid Should Try Contact Lenses - Written by Eye Contact Guide - Submitted on 11/7/2006
  4. Electromagnetic (EMF) Radiation and Your Eyes - Written by Taraka Serrano - Submitted on 10/5/2006
  5. Foreclosure is a compound yet very effective recovery system. - Written by John Beck - Submitted on 6/19/2006
  6. EyeBuyDirect.com Announces New Affordable Spring Eyeglasses Fashion Line - Written by Amanda Shine - Submitted on 4/20/2006
  7. EyeBuyDirect.com or How I Learned to Love Buying Glasses - Written by Elizabeth Shorr - Submitted on 4/20/2006
  8. Doctor Background Check - Written by Hugo Gallegos - Submitted on 9/2/05
  9. How computer monitors are hurting your eyes - Written by Steve Baker - Submitted on 5/10/2005
  10. A Healthy Start to a Healthy Year - Written by "Vicki Rackner, MD" - Submitted on 1/13/2005
  11. Benfotiamine - A Miracle? - Written by Zach Malott - Submitted on 2/17/2004
  12. A Prescription for Wellness - Written by Mike Moore - Submitted on 12/16/2002
  13. Protect Yourself Naturally Against Osteoporosis - Written by Diane Falcone - Submitted on 1/21/2002
  14. The Need for Silence in a Noisy World - Written by Mike Moore - Submitted on 1/8/2002
  15. Live, Laugh, Love and be Happy - Written by Mike Moore - Submitted on 9/17/2001
  16. The Healing Power of Laughter - Written by Mike Moore - Submitted on 7/19/2001
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  2. Benjamin Eye Institute- -A full-service Ophthalmology practice - from LASIK surgery and ReSTOR lens cataract surgery to custom Wavefront LASIK and laser eye correction.
  3. Brad Pitt- -Find Local Lasik at FIND-LASIK.US
  4. Breathing Prosperity- -Breathing Prosperity offers you ways to become prosperous through love and gratitude, meditation, vision therapy and will help you feel good and improve your life.
  5. Cheap Contact Lenses Online- -Contact Lens Price Comparison Guide on where to find the lowest prices for your brand of contacts. Learn about eye conditions, LASIK, eye supplements, and more.
  6. Contact Lens- -Low prices on all brands of contact lenses. The exact same contact lenses prescribed by your doctor, delivered to you for less.
  7. Contact Lenses- -Low prices on all brands of contact lenses. The exact same contact lenses prescribed by your doctor, delivered to you for less.
  8. Contact Lenses- -EyeTopics.com is an independent, professional, and reliable source of information about eyewear and vision care. Each month, EyeTopics reviews the latest news and research about all things eye-related.
  9. Contact Lenses- -Lens101.com is a informational site encouraging an open discussion of contact lenses.
  10. Contact Lenses- -Find and compare prices on brand name contact lenses.
  11. Cutting Edge Catalog- -State of the art products to protect your immunes system from environmental stress: Biomagnetics, Full Spectrum Lighting, EMF protection, Air & Water Filters, Light Therapy and much more.
  12. Dorothy Moss- -Insurance fees and cost have gotten out of control-Having to choose between eating and taking medication-It's time to try something new-Get needed discounted medical benefits including free dental, vision, prescription, & chiropratic services-give me a call, I can help at (800) 682-9459 or healthcarefacts.us
  13. Dr. Robert L. Toler, Optometrist- -"Offers general family eye care services and specializes in vision therapy. "
  14. Ephesus Excursions- -Private Ephesus Tours and Istanbul Tours
  15. EssentialArt- -Essential Art's mission is to promote education and provide essential community programs funded through the sale of art. There are several direct links to organizations Essential Art has been involved with for years including the Conservancy, the Ally Foundation, the Immokalee Friendship House and Caring Cards from America.
  16. FluorEssence- -Crystals and minerals from some of the oldest mines from Mexico. We have a large inventory of crystals and minerals that we sell individually or in flats at wholesale prices. We also have calcite lamps and we make custom cabinet handles out of natural minerals and crystals.
  17. GET PEACE NOW- -Get Peace Now promotes the focus of peace in business and personal lives for an abundant well balanced life.You can't give away what you don't have!We're here to help people overcome and obtain peace and yes often become a trusted friend,no reward can be greater. Books,Music,Affirmations,Photos, Courses....Benefits for Everyone.
  18. Goodbye Depression- -Take Control of Your Life and Get Rid of Depression. A Practical Guide Based on Personal Experience.
  19. Grace Chatting- -Discover your Best Life! Residential Life Coaching Courses in sunny Andalucia. Change your life
  20. Home based business- -Work at home and get u want.
  21. HowToLearn.com- -Brain health, faster learning and anti-aging with nutritional theraapies. Benefits of omega 3's for ADD, memory and more...
  22. Improve-Vision- -Natural vision correction kit. Avoid lasik surgery.
  23. Lensnow.com - Contact Lenses- -Low prices on all brands of contact lenses. All major brands of contact lenses in stock and ready to ship.
  24. Low Vision Care Center- -Our practice is a unique rehabilitative eye care practice , offering non-surgical adult and pediatric patients, alternative care for vision improvement, including optometric vision therapy for learning related vision problems, eye muscle difficulties, and lazy eye,,,,,,,,,neuro-optometric rehabilitation for vision problems and side vision loss due to brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other neurogical diseases,,,,,,,
  25. Master Quest Relaxation and Visualization- -Life Management Corporation produces Master-Quest, an interactive software program for children. Master-Quest teaches the educational component of biofeedback; proper breathing techniques, relaxation, visualization, and self-talk, in a fantasy filled environment. The program is designed for children ages 6-12.
  26. Natural Vision Improvement and Recovery- -Complete information to recover your eyesight by natural means, using only the mind. Developed by Paul Anderson who taught individuals for over ten years and recovered his own eyesight.
  27. Ned Dryfus- -Win FREE contact lenses including disposables, gas permeables, torics, colored, daily, rigid, and soft contact lenses.
  28. Perfekt Syn - lasikoperation halva priset- -We offer lasik eye surgery for half the price compared to our competitors in Sweden. Read more on our web...
  29. San-Mizu Health Care Co.- -We are a Japanese Health Care Co. that specialise in the latest Health Care & wellness products for your body & eyes. We specialize in Original Japanese Detox Foot Patch; Osim Foot Massager; Nutritional Supplements; Facial Beauty Treatments products; Hair Care Products; Dental Treatment Care; Discount Contact Lens!
  30. Seeing Without Glasses- -Eye Exercises to improve your vision.
  31. Susan Little Hypnotherapy- -This site informs you of what hypnotherapy is and how it can help you, from stopping smoking,to lifting depression, building confidence, managing your weight to reducing stress and anxiety.
  32. Third Eye Health : Instant Vision Correction- -Opening third eye chakra for eye health and instant vision correction imparts instantaneous energy to the act of seeing, to the body and to the mind. Anyone can do it instantaneously.
  33. Tim Le Breuilly Home Page- -Tim Le Breuilly is a visual artist. His work has been highly influenced by Shamanism and his personal experiences with Ayahuasca and San Pedro.
  34. Two Piece Bathing Suits- -We offer large variety of fashionable and hot stylish two piece bathing suits for girls as well as women. For more detail please visit at www.swimsale.com
  35. Usana Health Sciences - Nutritionals You Can Trust- -Shop Online for Usana - Highest Quality Vitamins and Supplements Available Today.

Additional Web Sites

  2. Advanced Perspectives Eye Care- -Modern Eye Care with Traditional Caring Drs. Thomas & Amy Czyz and our experienced professional staff would like to welcome you to our "new & improved" practice. At Advanced Perspectives Eye Care, we believe it is important to be thorough.
  3. Cheap Contact Lens Online- -Your best source for cheap contact lenses online. Buy branded contact lenses at hugely discounted prices.
  4. colored contacts and contact lens center- -An online guide for contact lenses.
  5. Dream Consultations- -Dream counseling and interpretations. Monthly dream dictionary column. 1 free dream interpretation per email. Book on Dream Interpreation - THE INNER WORLD, Exploring Your Dreams.
  6. Eyerobics eyesight improvement- -Improve your eyesight and see clearly without glasses or contacts the easy, affordable and natural way with this effective eye exercises program
  7. Focus : A New Discovery in Ophthalmology- -Instant 20 20 vision correction possible now! Simply learn how to change your body posture and face expression the natural way that, in turn, opens the third eye and the crown chakra; and see clear instantaneously! Also health undergoes a total overhaul; mind, a metamophosis; and performance, a miracle jump. Weekend Training Package available on Saturdays and Sundays anywhere on earth.
  8. info-mesothelioma- -Mesothelioma Cancer - News and Information For Mesothelioma and Asbestos Cancer Victims.
  9. LASIK- -Learn more about LASIK Eye Surgery and find out how this refractive laser procedure can help you see clearly and even achieve 20/20 Vision.
  10. Natural Vision Improvement : Free Video- -Improve the clarity of your vision naturally without the risk or expense of laser surgery!
  11. Rev. Elizabeth's page- -Your Love Career Life Potentials. Guidance on all areas of your life through Astrology-Tarot-Numerology, Handwriting Analysis.
  12. See Clearly Method- -The See Clearly Method prgram is designed to improve vision naturally and safely without the use of laser eye surgery. It was developed by an award team of optometrists and vision research scientists, and is backed by a friendly team of trained consultants as well a nation-wide doctor referral network.
  13. Vision Help Network- -The Vision Help Network provides nationwide referrals for optometric vision therapy and related diagnostic services. Our members include expert developmental and behavioral optometrists, college professors, and the authors of leading textbooks on vision therapy. Our web site provides accurate information about vision therapy, and guidance for choosing a qualified eye care provider.

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