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  1. Awaken Your Healing Power With Reiki- -Now you can learn Reiki by distance attunement anywhere in the world for very low fees. Reiki faq, course details, free distance healing. Links, books free for all links and more.
  2. Awaken Your Healing Power With Reiki- -Now you can learn Reiki by distance attunement anywhere in the world for very low fees. Reiki faq, course details, free distance healing. Links, books free for all links and more.
  3. Reiki Center of Greater Washington- -We provide quality Reiki classes, healing sessions, and massage tables designed to support the healing and bodywork communities.
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Articles Online

  1. Energy Healing - Written by Jerome Baudel - Submitted on 1/13/2008
  2. Just For Today I Will Love and Respect Every Living Creature - Written by Jane Abramowitz - Submitted on 1/9/2008
  3. HealerGeorge’s Distant Healing how does it compare to Hands-on Healing? - Written by George E. Lockett - Submitted on 1/8/2008
  4. Reiki Principles: Just for Today...I Will Not Worry Part II - Written by Jane Abramowitz - Submitted on 9/10/07
  5. Stress...Do You Actually Need It In Your Life? - Written by Chris Simon, CCMP - Submitted on 6/21/2007
  6. Massge Marketing The Disney Way - Written by Todd Brown - Submitted on 10/24/2006
  7. Reiki Does Heal! - Written by Anna Miller - Submitted on 5/22/2006
  8. Reiki, a Powerful Tool for Mind, Body and Spirit - Written by Mona Khalaf - Submitted on 3/20/2006
  9. Learning to Ground and Center - Written by Rev. Brandi Nicole Woods - Submitted on 12/12/2005
  10. Reiki Offers Hope - Written by Tara A. Capponi - Submitted on 6/14/2005
  11. How to Choose a Spiritual Retreat - Written by Annie Lawrence PhD. - Submitted on 5/21/2005
  12. How to Choose and Use Healing Stones - Written by Linda Foltyn - Submitted on 11/16/2004
  13. The Five Doorways to Spiritual Healing - Written by "V.N.Mittal,RMT" - Submitted on 11/4/2004
  14. Telepathic Communication With Animals - Written by Nedda Wittels - Submitted on 6/10/04
  15. Spiritual Healing and Consciousness - Written by Omar Antila - Submitted on 5/3/04
  16. Has Chemical Overload Got You Tired And Sick? Could The Solution Be In The Plants, Flowers and Trees? - Written by Sandra Richardson - Submitted on 8/18/2003
  17. Energy, The River of Life - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 8/15/2001
  18. Initiations - Written by Anja Heij - Submitted on 6/1/2001
  19. DOING AND BEING - The Art of Creating Balance - Written by Christopher and Jeannine Marie Jelm - Submitted on 10/4/2000
  20. WHOLISTIC RELATIONSHIPS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM - Written by Christopher and Jeannine Marie Jelm - Submitted on 10/4/2000
  21. DOING AND BEING - THE ART OF CREATING BALANCE - Written by Christopher and Jeannine Marie Jelm - Submitted on 10/4/2000
  22. UNGROOVING THE PHYSICAL BODY - Written by Christopher and Jeannine Marie Jelm - Submitted on 10/4/2000
  23. BODY TALK...Clearing the Physical Body - Written by Christopher and Jeannine Marie Jelm - Submitted on 10/4/2000
  24. Making Miracles - The Chewy Surprise Inside - Written by Rita Louise - Submitted on 12/6/99
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Partner Web Sites


  2. A Time To Heal - OM . net - Spiritual & Distance Healing- -Diane Radha Sivani is a Reiki Master and Master Alchemical Spiritual Healer. By skillfully combining unconditional love, shamanism, energy healing and alchemy, physical, psychological and spiritual healing may be realized.
  3. Access Reiki - - Amazon.com associate selling books, music, and videos. Also provides reiki master training.
  4. Adult Hotline Service- -Need to book or recruit an Escort, Model or Dancer ? Need to find adult organizations? Need to find adult products or services? Dial One Number For Information On Anything In The Adult Industry We handle customer service calls for thousands of adult organizations offering all types of products & services. Our Callers Enjoy Min 10% Discount From All Of Our Adult Partners
  5. Akasha Therapy- -Relax, refresh and rejuvenate with Akasha Therapy. We have a wonderful combination of therapies to help you feel happy, healthy and whole again. FREE initial consultation and £10 off your first therapy if you mention NaturalHealthWeb.com.
  6. All About You- -I offer Okazaki Restorative massage and reiki. I also teach reiki and meditation, sell Nature's Sunshine supplements. I am also a Reverand and perform wedding ceremonies.
  7. Angelic Touch Reiki- -Healing with energy not drugs, let a whole new world emerge for you. Reiki Master Marybeth McKinnon Lang has been a Registered Nurse for 26 years and has found Reiki healing to be the most amazing venue for growth and healing not only physically but, spiritually and emotionally.
  8. AngelSight.com- -We strive to bring our clients the best information, products and services regarding how to live a fuller and more spiritually fulfilling life. Rev. Wertz is a Reiki Master and a Spiritual healer for over 25 years, and can help folks overcome anciety, depression, body pain, among other ailments.
  9. Ashkees Earth Medicine- -Ashkee Master/Teacher trained in the lineage of Usui. 28 yr experience. Practices Traditional Usui, Seichem Reiki, neuro Integration and EFT. Distance Reiki training now available. Healing sessions and Reiki certification classes are scheduled by appointment.appointment.
  10. Awaken your Reiki healing Power- -Reiki healing home study certified courses, training up to Master level. Learn Reiki by distance attunement. Free ebook for optimal wellness & self-mastery, Free distance healing. NLP for personal development, testimonials, and more!
  11. Balanced Essence- -Reiki and Energy Therapy are complementary treatments that can reduce your stress, improve your health and support your spiritual happiness. These treatments are offered as an addition to your current medical plan
  12. Body Mind and Sole - Reiki Training Wales- -Complementary health clinic offering a range of treatments and reiki training in Wales
  13. Carrie Laymon/PathFinder- -Reiki classes, advanced energy therapeutics, new energy and Lightbody work with many personalized approaches for body, mind and spirit. Find holistic articles, events, links and resources for personal and spiritual growth.
  14. Central Maine School of Massage Therapy- -Located in Central Maine, this is a small, non-profit school that focuses on providing quality education in the field of massage and related therapies.
  15. Chakrakalm Reiki Therapies- -ChakraKalm - Reiki Therapies Reiki Master Teacher. Wirral , Merseyside, UK.Offering Worldwide Distance & In Person Reiki Treatments and Attunements.
  16. Circle of Grace- -Circle of Grace offers personal wellness and spirituality coaching. This unique blending of Eastern Philosophy and American Indian Spirituality, along with a Total Wellness Plan - designed specifically for you - plus the free Sacred Treasures Package, makes for a coaching experience you won't find anywhere else.
  17. Complementary Healings.- -Kinesiology and Reiki via Distance Healing with trained consultants, Melbourne, Australia.
  18. Crystal Clear Classes for Reiki Inspired Healing- -Reiki Training with Triptych Healing Services is a series of 12 lessons and three Attunements. This unique training program includes classic Usui Reiki training including symbols, as well as working with Chakras and many other topics related to holistic healing. Free for a Limited Time.
  19. David Herron, a guide on the road to peace of mind- -An energy healer practicing in Mountain View CA or via long distance healing.
  20. Energy Healing Information- -Information about all forms of energy healing.
  21. Essence of Healing- -Usui Reiki Masters offering Reiki Energy Sessions, Certificate Trainings & Attunements, Ear Candling, Reiki Info.
  22. Essence of Light- -Energy Therapies that will balance the mind, body and spirit are Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Shamballa. Your body has the ability to heal itself. Come rest your mind and breathe freely again, it's time to take care of you!
  23. Essential Energy and Laser Centre- -Offering Crystal Reiki, Ion Cleanse Detox footbath and Laser Hair Removal. Comming soon, Raindrop Therapy and Reiki Classes
  24. Feng Shui Consultations London, East Anglia, Essex UK- -Harmonious Space provides Feng Shui consultations throughout South-East England. These include the detection and treatment of Geopathic Stress, and EMF assessment.
  25. Feng Shui That Works- -We offer discreet, effective consultations for home and business with leading consultant Alan Stirling, professional training for practitioners and advice on where to get the best feng shui cures, and so much more, look for your self, we have helped many people around the world, we can help you
  26. Frangipani House- -Treatments for your Body-Mind-Spirit. Kahuna - Lomi Lomi Information and Articles - Hot Stone and Relaxation Massage, Counselling, Reiki, Hot Stone Sets.
  27. Free Online Reiki Manuals- -The Complete Guide to Reiki is one of the oldest and most established Reiki manuals. Originally written in 1992 by world renown master Jeffery A. Martin, it has been updated continually since that time. The book series is incredibly popular with masters around the world who use it in their classes. The full text has been available online free of charge since 1996. It covers, 'What is Reiki', reiki symbols, reiki healing, reiki classes, the reiki hand positions, and much more.
  28. FREE REIKI HEALING / HEALING NOW- -Free reiki healing, healing NOW, reiki attunements. Information, advice ans suggestions on how to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free
  29. FVC Homestudy Courses in Alternative Health- -Homestudy Certificate courses available in Ayurveda, Reiki,Chakra Therapy, Bhakti-Yoga, Holistic Herbology,Holistic Business, Crystal Therapy and Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.
  30. greattiming- -Great Timing has the largest selection of Skagen watches and Invicta watches on the net.All of the Skagen watches and Invicta watches,tommy bahama watches,kenneth cole watches we sell come with a factory guarantee.
  31. Healing Today- -Healing Today has provided Reiki classes and attunements to hundreds of students since 1999. We are happy to now offer home study courses with the same quality of service our students have come to expect. These low cost courses include manual, distant attunement, and certification. Please visit website for more info.
  32. Healing Touch Yoga- -REIKI is spring cleaning for your Spirit! Private healing energy therapy sessions - 1st visit 1/2 price, only $30/hour. ACU-YOGA is simple, gentle, fun...yet deeply healing. Small therapeutic classes combining Gentle Yoga, Qigong, and Self-Acupressure to heal what ails you! Visit website for details. Namaste.
  33. Health Consultations Online- -Health Consultations. Natural Treatments-Nutritional Therapy, Colour Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching, EFT, Reiki. Consultations in person, online, over phone/skype. Online Alternative Therapy Courses. When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself.
  34. Heartlight Healing- -Certified Practitioner offering Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Indian Head Massage. By appointment only. Contact for more information by email.
  35. Holistic Endeavors- -This site provides information on the many benefits and uses of Reiki and guided meditation including pain management;addiction recovery;healing from surgery; just to name a few. In addition, we also offer wellness counseling at low rates. Free Reiki clinic held monthly.  
  36. Human energy field revealed- -ISIS and MCP are software programs that are able to reveal the human or subtle energy field in full colour on a computer screen in fine detail. A remarkable tool for all healers and a huge marketing asset
  37. Inner Depths- -I'm Toni Mackenzie and I am fully qualified and ethical therapist offering hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & counselling for a number of issues in various areas of Manchester & Cheshire. I am also an NLP & EFT practitioner and a Reiki Master and offer these interventions as and when appropriate to the individual client and his or her needs. To listen to my voice message and for further information about me and what the services I offer, please visit the Inner Depths website.
  38. Institute For Life ForceTransmissions- -Power Of Exuberance™ Trainings, Tele-conference Classes, Empowerment/Success Coaching,Reiki Trainings-globally-long distance,Personal Healing Sessions
  39. Integrated Psychology- -Integrated Psychology for Mind, Body, Spirit is the place where you can learn how to use Psychology, Shiatsu, Reiki, Meditation, elements of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong (Chi Kung) to develop balance in social, emotional, mental, physical, financial, and spiritual areas of everyday life.
  40. International Institute for Holistic Therapies & Vibrational Healing- -The IIHTVH is a metaphysical college for Crystal Healing and Spiritual Courses based in the Channel Islands with a branch in France, Australia and Hong Kong. The courses are structured as in-house classes - lectures and practicals - with written assignments case histories and reports in between class as home study. The practical work is supervised in workshops where each student works on the other. Students are ultimately examined at the end of the 2-year course as to their proficiency. The Institute also teaches Reiki all levels and Magnified Healing.
  41. Jane's Mindfulness Journal- -DISCOVER The Wonders of Reiki,The Power of Thoughts, the Joy of Mindfulness, the Magic Powers of Forgiveness.... These and many more inspirational and insightful topics to help you enjoy the wonder, surprise and blessings of every step through the amazing journey called "Life".
  42. Kwest IV Health....Beauty.....Life- -Reiki and many other forms of energy healing offered via email or correspondence. We also offer crystals, gemstones, chakra oils and much more.
  43. Lean-Learn- -We provide an integrated Holistic approach to personal development and this incorperates Reiki, Reflexology and Massage ...We also run Reiki Accredited training courses at all levels.
  44. Magic of Massage- -Massage in Las Vegas, NV. Reiki Classes Medical Massage
  45. Marip.com - Feng Shui, Reiki, Ba Zi, I Ching- -How to tap into the surrounding energy to insure well being, prosperity and health. Eric Spirau and Nathalie Mourier have a Mastery Feng Shui Diploma of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai and do consultations, conferences, trainings in France and foreign countries for residentials and professionnals. Articles, tips, a kua calculator, ... Ask for astrology, Ba Zi or I Ching consultations
  46. MD Reflexology- -Reflexology, Reiki, and Chair Massage
  47. Mesmerism - Harley Street Hypnotherapy- -Harley Street hypnotherapist,EFT& NLP Master Practitioner,Reiki Master/Teacher offering consultations for stop drinking,stop smoking,weight control,phobias.Specialising in alcohol addiction & binge drinking with unique method - AlcoStop
  48. Metaphysical Therapies- -I am a intuitive counselor, healer and teacher of many modalitys.
  49. Micks Reiki Pages- -Free Reiki Attunements and Distant Healing,Support Forum
  50. Mind-Spirit Institute- -Alternative Self-Care Center offering Yoga and Reiki Classes as well as individual Self-Care services.
  51. Minerva Educational and Treatment Center- -A Pennsylvania holistic and complementary healthcare center providing wellness counseling treatments in conjuction with your physician and educational programs in Reiki, Clinical Aromatherapy, Integrated Energy Therapy and Healing Touch.
  52. Moon Healing- -Welcome to MoonHealing.com. I am here to help you achieve balance, strength and inner peace on your journey. I am an energy worker. I am a Usui Method Reiki Master, Psychic, medium and spiritual counselor. I am more than happy to help you make your transitions and life easier, and more relaxing.
  53. Natural and Spiritual Healing Alternative Medicine Portal Free Download basic advanced Courses of Radionics Dowsing Divining- -Natural and Spiritual Healing Alternative Medicine Portal Free Download basic advanced Courses of Radionics Dowsing Divining system Chromotherapy Crystal Healing Reiki Kinesiology Shiatsu Feng Shui Pyramid Therapy The Bach's Flowers Yoga Meditation Forum Chat Blog
  54. naturalhealingtherapy.org- -Describe Reiki and Chakra healing and other healing options plus resources. Offering Reiki in my home or theirs.
  55. Naturotheraphy, Reiki, Spiritual healing- -Usui, Kundalini & Golden Reiki Master, member of Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapeuts, offer remote Reiki healing sessions, anti-aging counseling, spiritual healing.
  56. Nightingale Natural Healing- -Reiki, aromatherapy, and past life regression hypnosis  are described.
  57. Personal development, mental problems, health, personality, financial succes- -A new view on the subconscious mind and the cause of behaviour and misery in the world
  58. Power Of Exuberance™Institute For Life Force Transmissions- -The Institute for Life Force Transmissions is a safe sanctuary for you and thousands of other deliberate creators all over the world, who are committed in becoming whole and live their life to the fullest.
  59. Psychic Eye- -Reiki And Psychic Website with free online help and free advice.Free online psychic and mediumship classes every week with an Medium
  60. qigong4life.com- -HPA certified qigong instruction, resources, information.
  61. Ray of Hope- -Ray of Hope offers Reiki treatments, classes and certifications; Yoga classes, Essential Oils, private parties, educational/informational talks and more for those who want to learn more about Reiki and its healing energy. Ray of Hope Reiki is about finding hope within your wellness journey.
  62. RED- -Rev. Brandi Nicole Woods, Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Counselor with over a decade of experience. Information on Reiki healing sessions, Reiki attunements, Intuitive Readings, Wellness Facials, metaphysical / ritual products & gifts, and resources on all things spiritual.
  63. Rei Of Isis- -Holistic Health & Wellness services
  64. Reiki 4 Life- -I am an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher...available for hands on and Distant Reiki Healing Sessions, as well as Teaching Reiki classes. Please see my website http://reiki4life.net for additional Reiki sessions & class information, schedules and contact information. Thank you.
  65. Reiki Center of Venice- -Reiki Center of Venice offers Reiki Master classes and certifications plus training in Aromatherapy, Herbology, Chakras, Energy Work and Tuning Fork Therapy.
  66. Reiki healing Health Benefits- -Learn how can Reiki restore and maintain your health. Also learn about Chakras, Auras, Kundalini Energi, Dowsing and more. Find a list of recommended books,CDs,natural health sources, also webtools for practitioners and other entrepreneurs.
  67. Reiki Lady's Club ! New ! Get your links listed before!- -Community for all Healers to get together in one place. Marked only one link for all their websites they belong too. Whether its an affiliate site or not.
  68. Reiki Portal- -Reiki resource portal. Reiki news, articles and resource sites. Including a forum for reiki discussions...
  69. Reiki Power- -Reiki Master/Teacher in CHESTER UK, info. on treatments, training, healing symbols, links..and much more.
  70. Reiki Support- -Reiki Support provides a place where people can share their Reiki thoughts, ideas and experiences through our Forum
  71. Reiki Therapy information- -Information about Reiki Therapy, Reiki Symbols and healing
  72. Reiki Waves- -Reiki treatments and training in Montreal, Canada. Free Reiki charged e-cards and desktop wallpaper also available.
  73. Reiki: beyond the gate- -A path to personal development and well-being by offering affordable local and distance training in Gendai-Ki Reiki, Karuna Ki, Seichim Reiki; numerology training and analysis; professional counseling for mild to moderate concerns; as well as thought enhancing topics, perspectives, and concepts to assist one on his/her journey through life on Planet Earth.
  74. Reiki-Florais- -Portuguese site of Joana Pinhão, Master of Reiki. You can call for a consultation at 969045554 in Lisbon.
  75. reikileen - Tera-Mai Reiki Seichem Shamanic healing- -Healing sessions, workshops ... according to Tera-Mai healing standards.
  76. Revita- -Natural Health and Relaxation Centre in southern Spain. Using natural therapies and remedies such as Cranio-sacral therapy, EFT, IET, Bach Flowers and Reflexology.
  77. Rising Bird Healing Arts- -Courtney Putnam is a licensed massage practitioner and Certified Reiki practitioner who provides therapeutic massage and Reiki energywork in the Roosevelt District of Seattle, WA. As a firm believer in the mind-body connection, she offers a holistic healing approach which addresses emotional as well as physical healing. She also offers Reiki to companion animals.
  78. Sacred Showers Handcrafted Soap For Body & Soul- -For all-natural soap with a holistic design, visit Sacred Showers web site.  Our soaps are made with distinct formulas using vegetable oils, essential oils, flower essences, herbs and herbal extracts.  Reiki and other energy techniques designed to enhance the vibrational properties of each soap blend are also incorporated.
  79. Sedona Calling- -will you answer? Offering magical journeys to Sedona,The Grand Canyon and the surrounding area.Accomodations in vacation homes and local campsites.Red Rock Reiki Training, Ear Candling classes, Drumming classes, Drum Making workshops and more.
  80. Seeds for Change Wellness Community- -Through classes, workshops, bodywork sessions, consultations and a weekly Sunday Celebration of Spirit, we are working to help plant the seeds, assisting others on their personal journey of seeking inner peace and happiness through a more balanced way of life.
  81. Sekhem Healing Arts- -Offering Course & Treatments in the healing arts of Sekhem, All Love Skhm, Learning the art of Komyo Reiki and Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Jumon Workshops. The Reconnection, (Teachings of Eric Pearl) Parallel Realities & DNA strands. Seminars on the Indigos & Starseeds, the children of the Holy Grail. Health and healing events in the UK.
  82. SelfDiscovery Wellness Arts Center- -SelfDiscovery Wellness Arts Center offers wellness education, Yoga and TaiChi classes, seminars, A Course in Miracles study groups and wellness services from a broad spectrum of modalities:  Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy massage, Flower Essences, Focusing, etc.
  83. Sheryl Jai, RMT, Melchizedek Priestess- -Emotional Release through Shamanic Journeying. This process makes the most profound change in the body, mind, and spiritual connection. Using sacred guidance to honor your divine self and your precious body, I will guide you to learning about your pain, anger, hurt, shame, blame, dissappointment and expectations.
  84. Spirit Mantra- -Mobile therapies for ladies only -Aromatherapy body massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing, tarot reading, On Site Corporate massage available to all
  85. Spirit Teaching- -Offering flower essences formulas, as well as classes and workshops on Reiki, and other forms of natural healing. I offer a workshop to help develop intuition and another to help you connect and heal on soul level. Learn to connect with the healer within yourself.
  86. Spiritflow- -Offering energy healing, Ra-Sheeba attunements and initiations, healing techniques, symbols, spiritual artwork and articles.
  87. The Centre of Serenity- -Offering training to master level in Lahore, Pakistan. Reiki, Seichim, Imara. Lavender flame.
  88. The Goddess Path- -Restoring balance of the mind, spirit, and heart through pure, positive energy. Reiki Master offers in-person and distant healing sessions. Let me help you regain your balance!
  89. The International Center for Reiki Training - -a nonprofit organization dedicated to the re-establishment of Reiki energies in our modern world.
  90. the master touch therapeutic massage- -16 years experience in the central illinois area
  91. The Meridian River- -Personal Coaching and Holistic Wellness Consultations from a Certified Energy Coach with over 10 years of experience.
  92. The Midnight Dove Herbs, Oils, and Healing Arts- -Products and Supplies for Reiki Masters, Energy Healers and Lightworkers of all types.
  93. The Reiki Guy- -The Reiki Guy provides relaxation, stress reduction, pain reduction, and healing through Reiki on an outcall basis to Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.
  94. The World of Health- -Complementary Health Products and therapies. Includes Scottish Health Directory and treatments in Reiki, Stress Management in lanarkshire.
  95. Tranquil Spirit Hypnotherapy and Reiki- -Paul McGlone. Tranquil Spirit Hypnotherapy and Reiki. Cheshire/Manchester. Hypnotherapy for blushing, panic attacks, phobia, emotional problems, unwanted habits eg: nail biting; stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, flying, concentration, memory, study, perfomance at work and in sport; sleep problems/insomnia, exam/test nerves, public speaking; anxiety, stress, stuttering, stammering. Past life regression. Reiki courses and healing." Tel: 0161 483 7014.
  96. Tree of Life Reiki Center- -Online courses in Reiki and other healing modalities, such as Telos, Angel Stones, Tiger Reiki, Sacred Flames, the orb of life just to name a few.
  97. unicouch- -quality made portable treatment couches and massage therapy tables, for professionals, therapists, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, easy to carry
  98. Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki- -Dedicated Reiki Healing site, Reiki Masters and Teachers, attunements and treatments. Shiatsu practitioner.
  99. WHOLISTIC THERAPY CONSULTANT / HEALER - WORLDWIDE / FREE REIKI HEALING FOR LIFE- -Free reiki healing. Information, advice and suggestions on how to improve your health and change your life, all simple, all free. Information on Holistic/Alternative Therapies and Healing NOW. All I require to add you to my healing circle is name and location by email

Additional Web Sites

  2. @Internatural- -Ayurvedic, Chinese, Tibetan, Euro and American herbs and natural health products. Wide selection of hard to find books, tapes and videos.
  3. Academy For Reiki Master Training- -The academy offers classroom training for all levels through Master Teacher, teachers that will travel to you, and free accommodations at the historic Knights Ferry Hotel Bed and Breakfast (California) while taking the training for all levels
  4. Aloha Reiki Trainings- -
  5. Ancient Footpath- -Ron Carnavil, Board Certified Foot Reflexologist offers clear information and professional services in: Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Aromatherapy & Reiki. Ron specializes in a "gentle touch."
  6. Arbonne International- -Skin Care System about face color arbonne armoassentials anti-aging for men & for women figure 8 weigh loss program Bio-nutria-Longevity How to become your own Boss if you have any question call me @ 816-786-5834
  7. Atlanta Massage by Clyde- -Find out why Clyde is considered one of the best Massage Therapists in Atlanta, GA.
  8. B*E*S*T Doula Service- -Certified birth doulas and HypnoBirthing practitioners supporting and empowering women during pregnancy and childbirth throughout the greater Los Angeles area since 1996.
  9. Bee Power- -The Complete Guide to Ear Coning - learn this non-invasive method for removing earwax (photo illustrated); Energy Modalities; Reiki Program
  10. bellasoulgifts.com- -crystals, new age art, metaphysical gifts, angel items, parking fairies, stones, wind chimes, fountains, candles, angel cards, Wayne Dyer books, CDs
  11. Brooklands Studio- -Brooklands Studio specialise in music for relaxation, stress relief and therapy. Inoffensive music that allows the mind and body to become completely relaxed. Ideal for Reiki healers, remedial massage, hypnosis, or for just escaping from the stress of modern life. Each track has been carefully written to allow the user to a completely relax. Great for stress relief after a long day at work.
  12. Canela Michelle- -ReiKi therapist and Satsang host in North Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and wherever invitations lead.
  13. Centre de Yoga: La Source - Luxembourg - - yoga and personal development in Luxembourg: Ashtanga and Sivananda-style yoga, reiki, massage modalities, touch-for-health, and more.
  14. Claudia Psychic/Healer- -Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels.
  15. Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn & Healing Sanctuary- -Asheville, North Carolina: mountain cabins and inn with spectacular views. Healing Spa services: massage, energy healing Reiki/Barbra Brennan Healing Science & Aromatherapy Jacuzzi.
  16. Connecting Light- -www.connectinglight.com offers you an opportunity to experience energy healing and benefit from all its potential.
  17. Connecting Light- -ConnectingLight offers powerful and efficient distant energy healing treatments and attunements (including Reiki).
  18. Continuum Wellness- -Catherine Carter provides Homeopathic consultations. Distance Holistic Coaching is also available. Our coaching offers methods to promote positive change along with guided exercises, support and encouragement. Therapeutic Reiki sessions are available.
  19. Different Strokes- -Different Strokes Holistic Therapies is the website of Holistic Therapist Carolyn McKittrick-Jackson IIHHT (Aromatherapy and Reflexology), SNHS (Dip Hypnotherapy, Iridology, Kinesiology), Reiki Master, Thermo Auricular Therapist. On the following pages I aim to give you some information on myself, my practice, and the products that I have available. I hope that you will learn a little bit about all the treatments and therapies, and find out about how they can benefit you, your friends, family and pets.
  20. Essential Oils: Natures Perfect Solution- -This site provides information about the benifits of Therapuetic-grade Essential Oils, the science and the use of them. A free report is offered to all who visit. It also allows you to order the Young Living Essential Oil products.
  21. Gainesville Center for Reiki Training- -Web page of Reiki Master Teacher Terry Rogers, offering training and certification in all levels of Usui Reiki since 1997.
  22. Hamilton Chair Massage- -Hamilton Chair Massage expert, Chris Simon, is a Certified Chair Massage Practitioner who’s glad to answer your questions. Chair Massage is designed for one thing - relaxation. And relaxation helps with two common problems: 1) stress and 2) nagging muscle tension in your shoulders, neck, back and arms.
  23. Harmony Holistic Therapy Centre- -I am fully trained in everything that i practice, I am based in the Fylde coast, Lancashire. Reiki, Crystal Healing, NLP, Life Coach, Guided Meditation, Feng Shui And Hypnotherapy.
  24. Healing Hands Center- - offering teachings on ancient Thai massage, reiki, yoga, and other healing arts.
  25. Hearts and Feathers- -Introducing flower essence remedies that are different including mind expanding essences. All from the tropics.
  26. Helix Health- -A holistic non-drug approach to naturally correct underlying physical problems frequently responsible for mental health symptoms experienced.
  27. Illumination- -Reiki (for people and animals!) and Telepathic Animal Communication. Consultations, Sessions, and Certifications
  28. Inner Radiance- -Reiki, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling and interpersonal connection/communication skills for the healthcare professional in the greater Tucson area. 
  29. Jewels of Light Healing- -Jewels of Light Healing offers Reiki, The Polarity Way and unique Reiki+ sessions. Reiki, The Polarity Way synergistically combines Usui Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, and Polarity principles to maximize your healing potential. A Reiki+ session consists of one hour of Reiki, The Polarity Way , plus the creation of an intuitively designed and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to accelerate and maintain your healing process. Let Your Higher Self Radiate!
  30. Journey To Health- -Facilitated Healing for Body ,Mind and Spirit.Herbalist online answers your questions. Natural Comforts Herb Teas and products and Nature Sunshine Products available.
  31. Law Of Attraction Music from ReadySetRise.com- -ReadySetRise.com features amazing Law Of Attraction Music as well as Positive Thinking Gifts, Positive Attitude Quotes, Positive Images, and Positive Daily Affirmations.
  32. Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation- -Non-profit organization devoted to providing educational information about the unfolding personal and planetary transformation. Unique Energy modalities to assist you in accelerating your spiritual growth in clearing, healing, activation, and manifestation.
  33. Massage Collective - - Swedish, sports, prenatal, reflexology, and reiki.
  34. My Patient Guide- -Directory of Long Term Care, Home Care, and Various Senior Services Throughout New Jersey. Educational Resource Tool for Consumers
  35. New Positive Images from ReadySetRise.com- -ReadySetRise.com features a huge Positive Image Showcase with the best free positive resource anywhere featuring Positive Articles, Positive Videos, and Positive Songs.
  36. Pam Gordon Massage Therapy - - provides massage therapy, steam treatments, and Reiki with an emphasis on stress and pain relief, and relaxation.
  37. Peacock & Paisley - -Holistic Coaching and Healing through Shamballa Reiki, Spiritual Counseling, and Intuitive Readings
  38. Penny Tallent- -A holistic learning center. Treatments & classes include reiki, aromatherapy, herbal soap/candle making, wicca 101 & more. Products include herbal bath/body products, incense, meditational music, essential oils, candles, gemstones & more.
  39. Raising Waters Holistics Center for Energy Healing and Education- -Raising Waters Holistics offers sessions and workshops in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Magnified Healing. Clients are treated in a relaxed, peaceful environment with energy healing that promotes balance of the mind, body, and spirit. We are conveniently located in Staten Island and service the New York, New Jersey areas. Treat yourself to a deep healing energy session today. Truly an experience!
  40. Reiki - My Story- -The story how I became curious of laying on of hands type of healing that lead to an interest in yoga and Reiki. A journey from my teen years of the 60s to now. Follow up page leads to affordable at-home, online Reiki courses, all three levels.
  41. Reiki Drum- -Reiki Drum provides information about the Reiki Drum Technique which combines Reiki Healing and Drumming and describes Reiki Drum Healing, Reiki Drum Journeying, Traditional Usui Reiki, UK based courses and treatments.
  43. Reiki Mastery for FREE- -FREE Reiki Master level Initiations for complete overall health
  44. Reiki Training Centre- -Reiki courses in Aberdeen, Scotland and India by Elizabeth Harley.
  45. Reiki Universal- -Reiki, energia universal de cura.
  46. Reiki Vision Cards- -The Reiki Vision Cards are 45 universally-inspired cards created for your personal growth, self discovery, and contemplation by Charlie IronEyes, Reiki Master. This beautifully-designed deck of 45 cards in 5 colored suites based on the 5 Precepts can provide clarity in facilitation of your life journey. The comprehensive 100 page hardcover guidebook shows you how to interpret the cards.
  47. REIKI, DISTANCE REIKI, THAI YOGA, YOGA- -Customized private therapy sessions blending YOGA, THAI YOGA, and REIKI to bring healing and balance to body, mind, and spirit. Santa Rosa CA. DISTANCE REIKI also available.
  48. Reiki, Tai Ch, Qigong- -Serving Southern California for Taoism themes:  Reiki, Tai Chi, & Qigong. Classes and personal coaching available in refining our human flow towards experience.
  49. Shangrala Healing Centre for People & Animals- -Dr Clyde Hughes is an experienced and qualified healer offering reiki, seichim, spiritual and angelic healing to people and pets at his Centre in Swansea in South Wales. Courses also available.
  50. Storrs, Michael - Mike's Mystical World - - Resources for alternative medicine, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, graphics, animated gif, HTML authoring, backgrounds, herbalogy, biofeedback, reiki, reflexology.
  51. Tera Mai Reiki Holistic Healing- -Tera Mai Reiki Master presents the history of Reiki and Tera Mai Reiki and how it works. Provides Reiki treatments, in-person and at distance. Gives Reiki courses of level I, II, III and Master; in-person and at distance with official certification. Also reviews of scientific research and investigation, books, music and videos. Founder of the Reiki Universal Healing Principles and Ethics.
  52. The Antiquarian Society- -The Antiquarian Society Astro-archaeology for the 21st century. reiki meditaition geomancy antiquarian society megaliths leylines dowsing earth energy mystery standing stones astroarchaeology archaeoastronomy labyrinths stone circles stonehenge tours travel geomancy reiki avebury brighton guided toors compasses clapsticks solstice finder sun moon alignment stellar celestial navigation decode decipher database tribal art longman wilmington percussion folkore dvd feng shui dolmens sussex kent mexico tahiti easter island new zealand
  53. the god light- -spiritual site covering mediumship reiki, healing psycic awareness, free chat, philosophy and lots more. site ran by leon brown reiki master and psychic
  54. The Healing Path- -I am a Reiki Master and Herbalist. I specialize in hard to cure auto immune disorders such as fibromyalgia chronic fatigue; hepatitis; arthritis and alopecia areata (patchy baldness or total loss of body hair.) If you or a loved one has any of these illnesses and have been unable to find the relief and healing you deserve, please call me...
  55. The Healing Place- -I am a Hands on Healer since birth,Reiki Master of Intuitive therapy, Certified Hypnotherapist, also a Spiritual & Grief Counselor, and the home of "Keets Healing Angels".  One of my specialties are treating people with cancer and other challenging diseases. I also give classes and teach my patients how to heal their body, mind and spirit.
  56. The Inner Search Centre- -As a Lifestyle Consultant my commitment is to helping others build wellness from within.
  57. The Reiki Fella- -Reiki, SKHM, Chios, Karuna, Karmic, AET, kundalini, Imara, Celtic and other energy therapies.
  58. The Reiki Guy- -The Reiki Guy provides relaxation, stress reduction, pain reduction, and healing through Reiki on an outcall basis to Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.
  59. TristaThorp.com- -Trista Thorp is a Certified Thai Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master in the Greater San Diego area. Please call for an appointment today! (619) 672-8358 or visit http://www.tristathorp.com
  60. Whispering Seas Holistic and Spiritual Healing Centre for Wellness- -Holistic and Spiritual Health Practitioner: Reiki-Crystal Healing-Meditation-TFT(Thought Field Therapy)Holistic Counselling-Spiritual Healing-Intuitive Readings- Distance Healing:Member of The Association of Australian Reiki Professionals-Also Special offers -Gift cards-Reward Cards available for most modalities
  61. Whole Life Learning Center - - the maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease.
  62. Wholistic Healing- -We use CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release,Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Bach Flower Remedies as main healing methods to assist you identifying, processing and healing the imbalances in your body, mind and spirit.
  63. Yasam Enerjisi Dernegi- -life enerji association

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