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Articles Online

  1. Goji Berries: The Anti-Aging Wonder Food - Written by Miracle Superfoods - Submitted on 7/18/2006
  2. Simple Eco-Logical Steps to Lessen the Burn of the Sun - Written by Jennifer Rodriguez-Allen - Submitted on 10/11/2005
  3. Lycopene Is Still Garbage - Written by Roger Mason - Submitted on 6/28/2005
  4. Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease With Lipitor and Pravachol - Written by Barrett Niehus - Submitted on 3/12/04
  5. A "Integrative Life(Health) Medicine" Rolved Difficult and Complicated Disease, and Health, Long Life of Human Being--Jin Tong "New Medicine" - Written by XiangYing Dong - Submitted on 6/16/2001
  6. Amazing Grains--A Macrobiotic Perspective - Written by Warren S. Wepman - Submitted on 4/4/2001
  7. Advances In Cancer Diagnosis - Written by Brigitte Synesael - Submitted on 10/19/2000
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Partner Web Sites


  2. 100% Raw Himalayan Goji Juice- -Dr. Earl Mindell brings the secret of the Tibetan peoples long life & good health to us by introducing us to a 2,000 year old health remedy. Goji juice!The Bovis scale shows the "LIFE FORCE" or Natural Energy in water, plants etc. Humans show a rating of 6500(A reading above this is beneficial to human life.)Noni has 17,000. Goji has 355,000. Imagine the benefits!New Distributors welcome. Free website provided.
  3. Blooming Grove Studio - - Nine Star Ki, macrobiotic, and feng shui products and information.
  4. Choose Certified Organic Probiotic Superfood- -The first CERTIFIED ORGANIC range of skin, health, oral & personal care products. Includes a certified organic probiotic superfood- contains 18 Amino Acids & many essential nutrients. Order online for up to 20% discount.
  5. Go Health- -Go Health is your online resource for health insurance information, along with competitive quotes from America’s leading companies. We take a direct approach to health and wellness by providing an online resource for comparing health insurance options online. And at Go Health.com you’ll find educational tools to help you understand the world of healthcare.
  6. Macrobiotic Hawaii- -Modern vegan/macrobiotic cooking classes and information about macrobiotic and whole food living in Hawaii
  7. Maine Coast Sea Vegetables- -We provide Organically Certified (OCIA International), sustainably hand-harvested low-temperature dried sea veggies: Dulse, Kelp, Alaria, and Laver. We also have Sea Chips, Maine Coast Crunch, Sea Seasonings, Sea Pickles, and Sushi Nori. Our web-site has a harvesting slide show, nutritional information, recipes, and an on-line store

Additional Web Sites

  2. Macrobiotics America- -Online, interactive macrobiotic courses. Home study courses. Video and Audio courses. Experienced macrobiotic counselors and teachers. Certified training. Recipes. Articles and more.
  3. Macrobiotics Cooking- -Tips on Macrobiotics cooking along with hundreds of recipes and free meal plans.
  4. MacroTreats- -MacroTreats are macrobiotic desserts and snacks, including a variety of nutritious bars and cookies. In addition to being vegan, their products do not have any refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Instead, MacroTreats use organic ingredients, whenever possible, and are grain sweetened with brown rice syrup, which retains nutrients. They contain no preservatives, synthetic additives, hydrogenated oil, refined flour, or artificial flavors/coloring.
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