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Articles Online

  1. Is Brain Surgery the Cure for Depression? - Written by Michael Cohen, founder of the Bioenergy Healing Research Foundation - Submitted on 2/7/2008
  2. Energy Healing - Written by Jerome Baudel - Submitted on 1/13/2008
  3. HealerGeorge’s Distant Healing how does it compare to Hands-on Healing? - Written by George E. Lockett - Submitted on 1/8/2008
  4. Energy Medicine: The Wave of The Future - Written by Robert C Ziegler - Submitted on 12/12/07
  5. Distant Energy Healing - What's It All About and How You Can Enter for a Free Monthly Drawing - Written by Linda Foltyn - Submitted on 11/13/07
  6. Living well with Psoriasis - Written by Wayne McDonald - Submitted on 10/18/07
  7. Seven Qigong Practices for Hypertension #3 - Written by H. Wei Williams - Submitted on 9/28/07
  8. Reiki Principles: Just for Today...I Will Not Worry Part II - Written by Jane Abramowitz - Submitted on 9/10/07
  9. Hypnosis and The Mind - Written by Michelle Beaudry - Submitted on 8/23/07
  10. Modern Neti - Written by Hana R. Solomon, MD - Submitted on 8/6/07
  11. Beauty Is More Than Just Skin Deep - Cosmetic Acupuncture Takes Whole Body Approach to Rejuvenation - Written by ChiMedicineWorks - Submitted on 7/17/2007
  12. Natural Remedies For Athlete’s Foot - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 6/30/2007
  13. A tiny investment that will save your skin! - Written by Stan Howard - Submitted on 6/26/2007
  14. ADULT STEM CELLS: Are these Master Cells the Elixir of Youth? - Written by Paula Rothstein - Submitted on 5/23/2007
  15. Soul Retrieval, an ancient body of practices to restore Life Force - Written by Howard G. Charing - Submitted on 5/23/2007
  16. Aromatherapy - Written by Margaret Ann Lembo - Submitted on 5/21/2007
  17. Mothers Wisdom - Written by Hana R Solomon, MD - Submitted on 5/15/2007
  18. Energy Psychology: The Way to Overcome Irrational Fear, Anger, & Anxiety is in Your Hands - Written by Dondi Dahlin - Submitted on 4/29/2007
  19. Tension 101 - Written by Chris Simon - Submitted on 4/19/2007
  20. Dasha's Healing - Written by Michael Blitchtein - Submitted on 4/12/2007
  21. EFFECTIVE GOAL SETTING FOR ADDICTION RECOVERY - Written by Dr Harry Henshaw - Submitted on 3/29/2007
  22. Aromatherapy in few words - Written by George Kakaris - Submitted on 3/1/07
  23. Can We Trust 5000 Years of Health Experience? - Written by Diane McLaren C.C.Ir, R.N.C.P. - Submitted on 2/22/07
  24. Our Fascination with the Fountain of Youth - Written by Diane McLaren - Submitted on 2/21/07
  25. What You Eat May Be Eating You Alive - Written by Diane McLaren C.C.Ir, R.N.C.P. - Submitted on 2/21/07
  26. Reflexology:"Touching the Soul" - Written by Ron Carnavil - Submitted on 1/15/07
  27. Lifestyle check - is your life holistic? - Written by Veronique Cartier - Submitted on 12/12/06
  28. 5 principles of conscious living - Written by Veronique Cartier - Submitted on 12/12/06
  29. Setting up your meditation space - Written by Veronique Cartier - Submitted on 12/12/06
  30. Brain Waves and Meditation - Written by Veronique Cartier - Submitted on 12/6/06
  31. Alternatives to Antibiotics in Treatment of Lyme Disease - Written by Suzanne Arthur, M.A - Submitted on 12/4/06
  32. Spontaneous Healing - Written by Wayne McDonald - Submitted on 11/29/06
  33. Interspecies Love - Written by Margaret Loris RN MS - Submitted on 11/10/2006
  34. Animal Companion Kidnapping - Written by Margaret Loris RN MS - Submitted on 11/10/2006
  35. Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Whole Lot of Hoopla - Written by Paula Rothstein - Submitted on 11/2/2006
  36. Dr hulda Clark Zapper - Written by Healthy Signs - Submitted on 11/1/2006
  37. Natural Remedies for Depression - Written by Valerie Balandra ARNP - Submitted on 10/25/2006
  38. Can Psychics Predict Your Soul Mates? - Written by Dorothy Thompson - Submitted on 9/27/2006
  39. Massage Therapist Business Cards With Muscle - Part 3 - Written by Eric Brown - Submitted on 9/12/2006
  40. Tips on Feeling Better during Cold and Flu - Written by Barbara Camie - Submitted on 9/11/2006
  41. Natural Therapies For Relieving Erectile Dysfunction - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 8/30/2006
  42. Health Risks of Obesity --The Big Fat Ugly Truth - Written by Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN - Submitted on 8/24/2006
  43. Healthy Relationships - Written by AlixSandra Parness - Submitted on 8/24/2006
  44. Support Adolescence with Flower Remedies - Written by Mary Ann Dittmeier - Submitted on 8/23/2006
  45. 30 Clients In 30 Days - Written by Wayne McDonald - Submitted on 8/16/2006
  46. Notoriously Sweet: The Aspartame Story of Deception and Disease - Written by Paula Rothstein - Submitted on 8/1/2006
  47. Overuse of Antibiotics - Written by Hana R solomon, MD - Submitted on 7/27/2006
  48. Get Into the Energy of Summer - Written by Steven Sonmore, L.Ac. - Submitted on 7/23/2006
  49. Doctor Ratings - Written by Hugo Gallegos - Submitted on 6/30/2006
  50. Autoimmune Disorders - Written by Michelle Newport, CH - Submitted on 6/24/2006
  51. Bridging the Gap with Flower Remedies - Written by Linda Webber - Submitted on 6/18/2006
  52. The Akashic Records (aka The Book of Life) - Written by Leslee J. Klinsky - Submitted on 6/12/2006
  53. What is Candida...........And do I have it???? - Written by Dr. Annalee Kitay - Submitted on 6/11/2006
  54. Laser Therapy Shines As Treatment Of Choice - Written by Jesse C. Ploessl, D.C. - Submitted on 6/2/2006
  55. The Power of Antioxidants Times Three - Written by Paula Rothstein http://www.medicinefreeliving.com - Submitted on 5/30/2006
  56. Educational Handout About High Cholesterol - Written by Ronnie Allen - Submitted on 5/25/2006
  57. Reiki Does Heal! - Written by Anna Miller - Submitted on 5/22/2006
  58. Lower Cholesterol Naturally - Written by Pamela Nations-Weissman - Submitted on 5/15/2006
  59. Pregnancy Tips and Nutritional Plan - Written by Pamela Nations-Weissman - Submitted on 5/15/2006
  60. 10 Powerful Keys to Healing Yourself - Written by Wayne McDonald - Submitted on 4/28/2006
  61. Make The Most of the New Energy of Spring - Written by Steven Sonmore, L.Ac. - Submitted on 4/12/2006
  62. The Growing Interest in Food Intolerance Testing - Written by Elizabeth Harfleet - Submitted on 4/5/2006
  63. Reiki, a Powerful Tool for Mind, Body and Spirit - Written by Mona Khalaf - Submitted on 3/20/2006
  64. Ayurveda - Written by Dr Jani (MD) and N.Mistry ( Consultant) - Submitted on 3/14/2006
  65. Natural Therapies vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs: The Politics of Surviving Cancer - Written by Paula Rothstein - Submitted on 3/2/2006
  66. Bridging the Gap with Bach Flower Remedies - Written by Linda Webber - Submitted on 2/21/2006
  67. Feng Shui Your Way into Spring - Written by Carole Provenzale - Submitted on 2/8/2006
  68. How to Find the Best Feng Shui Consultant for YOU - Written by Carole Provenzale - Submitted on 2/8/2006
  69. Phentermine - Written by Rob Albert - Submitted on 1/31/2006
  70. Ayurvedic Pathology - Written by Dr Nitesh (Shymala Ayurveda Spa) - Submitted on 1/27/2006
  71. Hypnosis and The Mind - Written by Michelle Beaudry, CHt - Submitted on 1/26/2006
  72. The 3 things you are doing that are causing your Dark circles under the eyes - Written by Charles Silverman N.D. - Submitted on 1/5/2006
  73. Home remedies Warts - Written by Charles Silverman - Submitted on 1/4/2006
  74. How Bad Is Your Breath? 14 Simple Tips For Reducing Mouth Odor. - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 1/4/2006
  75. Cholesterol: Healing Through Nutrition - Written by Melanie E. Shaw, ND - Submitted on 12/23/2005
  76. Help for Those With Breast and Skin Cancer - Written by Melanie E. Shaw, ND - Submitted on 12/23/2005
  77. Living from Feeling - Written by Oshana Himot - Submitted on 12/18/2005
  78. Addiction and Pornography - Written by David Knowles - Submitted on 12/14/2005
  79. Alprazolam/Xanax – A habit forming Drug - Written by Lisa Jones - Submitted on 12/6/2005
  80. What If - Written by Hana R Solomon, MD - Submitted on 11/25/2005
  81. Most of Us Live on Autopilot - Written by Constance Clare-Newman - Submitted on 11/22/2005
  82. Warts Home Remedies - Written by Charles Silverman N.D. - Submitted on 11/8/2005
  83. Your Past Success Fuels Your Future - Written by Kevin Gianni - Submitted on 10/28/2005
  84. Experience a Painless Childbirth - Written by giuditta tornetta - Submitted on 10/26/2005
  85. Miracle Healer, 'John of God' of Brazil - Written by Tony Garza - Submitted on 10/24/2005
  86. Massage Business Tips - Written by Colleen S. Holloway - Submitted on 10/20/2005
  87. Reclaiming Your Power - Written by Jenifer Shapiro - Submitted on 10/18/2005
  88. How to Help an Alcoholic... - Written by Robin Foote BA, NCAC, TSF. - Submitted on 10/9/2005
  89. Ethics in Aromatherapy - Written by Christoph Streicher - Submitted on 10/5/2005
  90. The beginnings of aromatherapy – from ancient healing art to modern holistic health therapy. - Written by Christoph Streicher - Submitted on 10/5/2005
  91. MOVING THROUGH BREAKDOWNS WITH TRANSFORMATION - Written by Dr Harry Henshaw - Submitted on 8/12/2005
  92. Eczema: Tips On How To Care For Your Skin - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 8/3/2005
  93. Natural Fertility Treatment - Written by Suzanne Franklin - Submitted on 8/1/2005
  94. The Integration of Acupuncture & Western Medicine - Written by Johnna Williams - Submitted on 7/16/2005
  95. AGINGLESS 4 U - Written by Suma G. Nathan C.N.C. - Submitted on 6/27/2005
  96. Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Written by Dr. Brian Martin - Submitted on 6/22/2005
  98. [Stress Management] The Clock is Ticking - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 6/14/2005
  99. Reiki Offers Hope - Written by Tara A. Capponi - Submitted on 6/14/2005
  100. Understanding And Eliminating Hemorrhoids Naturally - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 6/13/2005
  101. What is Stress Management ? - Written by Burns, Eileen - Submitted on 4/29/2005
  102. Mrs - Written by Carna Zacharias-Miller - Submitted on 4/22/2005
  103. Enhanced Healing Through Music for Self-Esteem - Written by Dr Harry Henshaw - Submitted on 4/19/2005
  104. Advertising Your Holistic Business - Written by Jenifer Shapiro - Submitted on 4/13/2005
  105. Successfully Treating Allergies With Oriental Medicine - Written by Steven Sonmore, L.Ac. - Submitted on 4/13/2005
  106. Fight Seasonal Allergies Naturally with Xlear Nasal Wash - Written by Xlear, Inc. - Submitted on 4/12/2005
  107. What is your relationship to Time? - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 3/21/2005
  108. Tai Chi As A Spiritual Practice - Written by Hal Mosher - Submitted on 2/21/2005
  109. Therapeutic Massage Research Findings - Written by P. Sidney Parker - Submitted on 2/17/2005
  110. Holistics? - Written by P. Sidney Parker - Submitted on 2/16/2005
  111. Your Health is Yours! - Written by P. Sidney Parker - Submitted on 2/16/2005
  112. Herbal Supplements - Bedellium, Withania, Shilajit, Emblica, Brahmi, Tulsi, Shallaki, Garlic, Triphala, Bitter Melon, Neem, Vallerian, Arjuna - Written by AyurvedicCure.com - Submitted on 2/9/2005
  113. [Self Hypnosis Practice] The Future is Now - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 2/4/2005
  114. A stress free way to set goals! - Written by Linda K. Romera - Submitted on 1/23/2005
  115. Are You Making This Deadly Massage Marketing Mistake? - Written by Todd Brown - Submitted on 1/21/2005
  116. Amino Acid Therapy for Depression and Anxiety - Written by "William Nelson, NMD" - Submitted on 1/19/2005
  117. Hypothyroid - What You Need to Know - Written by "William Nelson, NMD" - Submitted on 1/19/2005
  118. What is Spiritual Unfoldment? - Written by Dr. robert saltzman - Submitted on 1/17/2005
  119. Fluoride Follies - Written by Michael Sellar - Submitted on 1/12/2005
  120. Himalayan Goji Berry Juice - Most Nutrient Dense Food in the world today - Written by Emily Charlton - Submitted on 1/11/2005
  121. To Witness the Life that is God - Written by Michael Blitchtein - Submitted on 1/1/2005
  122. Why Should We Keep Our Thoughts Clear? - Written by Michael Blitchtein - Submitted on 1/1/2005
  123. Seishindo Meditation Practice: ""Only one, Only moving, Only calm"" - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 12/19/2004
  124. Mrs - Written by Carna Zacharias-Miller - Submitted on 11/26/2004
  125. Natural Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter - Written by "Ben Lo, MD" - Submitted on 11/18/2004
  126. Mrs - Written by "Ekaterina Erev, ND, CHT, CI, Reiki Master" - Submitted on 11/9/2004
  127. I hope you're not too proud to learn from a dog - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 10/16/2004
  128. Concept of 'AMA' in Ayurveda - Written by Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan - Submitted on 10/4/2004
  129. What Is Wellness - Written by "Ben Lo, MD" - Submitted on 9/14/2004
  130. One Man's Meat is Another Man's Poison - Written by Timothy R. Larson, Ph.D. - Submitted on 8/12/04
  131. Tribrain Theory and Trauma - Written by Jef Gazley, M.S. - Submitted on 7/27/04
  132. Revolutionary, Safe, and Clinically Proven Natural Weight Loss - Written by William Nelson - Submitted on 7/26/04
  133. 10 Benefits of Having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - Written by Jennifer Koretsky - Submitted on 7/20/04
  134. The Shaman and Intent - Written by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls - Submitted on 7/19/04
  135. Leak Control™ : A Famous Chinese Herb Formulas - Written by Xingwu Liu - Submitted on 7/1/04
  136. 10 Tips for Practicing Positive Thinking as a Tool for Managing ADD - Written by Jennifer Koretsky - Submitted on 6/24/04
  137. Top Tips And Back Pain - Written by Kim Standerline - Submitted on 6/17/04
  138. Similarities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda - Written by Pamela Nations-Weissman - Submitted on 6/3/04
  139. Colic - A Common Infant Problem - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 6/2/04
  140. Don't Ask Your Doctor: Multiple Interest Disorder - Written by Maya Talisman Frost - Submitted on 5/22/04
  141. The Painful Truth - Insights on Chronic Pain - Written by Bruce P. Spiegler, H.H.P. - Submitted on 5/20/04
  142. Medicinal Uses Of Kudzu - Written by Pamela Nations-Weissman - Submitted on 5/7/04
  143. Breathing With Grace and Power - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 5/6/04
  144. Cutting Cholesterol Naturally - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 5/5/04
  145. Spiritual Healing and Consciousness - Written by Omar Antila - Submitted on 5/3/04
  146. Natural Care For Varicose Veins - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 4/6/04
  147. Recipes For Stress - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 4/5/04
  148. The Shoemaker Has No Shoes - Written by Pat Swan, MA, Wellness Coach - Submitted on 3/26/04
  149. Releasing the Need to Control - Written by Phillip Mountrose - Submitted on 3/24/04
  150. Marketing Massage Therapy Services - The One Minute Message - Written by Eric Brown - Submitted on 3/12/04
  151. Essential Skills for Managing ADD – Part 1: Practicing Excellent Self-Care - Written by Jennifer Koretsky - Submitted on 3/12/04
  152. Are You Highly Sensitive? - Written by Jenna Avery, CLC, Life Coach for Sensitive Souls - Submitted on 3/6/04
  153. The Language of the Somatic Self - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 3/3/2004
  154. Holistic Health For Men: Natural Help For An Enlarged Prostrate - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 3/1/2004
  155. Look! It's a Fat Person! - Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Marketing Consultant Coach - Submitted on 2/28/2004
  156. Magic Potions We All Need This Time of Year - Written by Dr.Barbara Becker Holstein - Submitted on 2/22/2004
  157. Holiday Dieting; A Sweet Way To Cheat! - Written by Laura M. Turner - Submitted on 12/8/2003
  158. DNA Transgenerational Healing - Written by Margaret Loris - Submitted on 12/5/2003
  159. Perfection - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 11/24/2003
  160. "Nurse Lazarus" Runs a Neat Newsworthy Net Business - Written by Nancy R. Fenn - Submitted on 11/6/2003
  161. The Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Beauty and Skin Care - Written by Nancy Lonsdorf M.D. - Submitted on 11/3/2003
  162. Cell Signaling and Healthy Aging - Written by Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D. - Submitted on 10/26/2003
  163. Cultivating Ki Flow and Mindfulness, Manifesting Mind - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 10/26/2003
  164. Achieving Optimum Health - Written by Tim Ong - Submitted on 10/24/2003
  165. LABOR AND PAIN MANAGEMENT - Written by Doula Giuditta Tornetta - Submitted on 10/8/2003
  166. Feng Shui Guidlines for Storage Spaces - Written by Stephanie Roberts - Submitted on 10/5/2003
  167. Pet food - "What's for dinner tonight?" - Written by Margaret Loris - Submitted on 10/2/2003
  168. Top Ten Reasons Why Every CAM Practitioner & Holistic Business Owner must have an Email Newsletter. - Written by Linda Stewart - Submitted on 10/2/2003
  169. The similarities between Aikido and NLP - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 9/26/2003
  170. Business Tips For Increasing Appointments Via The Telephone - Written by Colleen S. Holloway, LMT - Submitted on 8/12/2003
  171. Healings With The Christ's Light - Written by Gary Smith - Submitted on 7/21/2003
  172. Essential Oils and Ultrasound for Scar Minimization - Written by Richard C. Honour, PhD - Submitted on 7/18/2003
  173. So what's different about the Alexander Technique - Written by Annie Kaszina - Submitted on 5/14/2003
  174. The Ki of Aikido - An Oriental Concept of "Energy", "Self", and "Mind" - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 5/7/2003
  175. Feng Shui for Your Workplace - Written by Rodika Tchi, MSc - Submitted on 5/2/2003
  176. Hyaluronic Acid – The Natural Face Lift? - Written by Jakki Francis - Submitted on 4/27/2003
  177. Self Hypnosis - Written by Charlie Badenhop - Submitted on 3/26/2003
  178. Ayurvedic Pulse Technique - Written by Shekhar Annambhotla - Submitted on 3/21/2003
  179. Menopause: Outlooks, Approaches, Alternatives - Written by Daniel A. Wasserman, D.O.M. - Submitted on 2/12/2003
  180. Astaxanthin - Antioxidant from the Sea - Written by Richard C. Honour, PhD - Submitted on 10/31/2002
  181. Pranic Therapy Part IV - Written by G Kumar - Submitted on 10/5/2002
  182. Aromatherapy Demands More Credit - Written by Richard C. Honour, PhD - Submitted on 9/21/2002
  183. Gentle Touch Produces Miracles - Written by Gerri Shapiro - Submitted on 9/12/2002
  184. Fountain Of Youth? - Written by Nanci Prince & Image Research & Communication - Submitted on 9/4/2002
  185. The Yoga of Menopause - Alternatives to Hormone Therapy - Written by Susun S. Weed - Submitted on 7/23/2002
  186. The Mini-max Instructions for Life - Written by Fikret Eredzhebov Ahmedov - Submitted on 7/4/2002
  187. Bio-Tuning - Written by Dave King and Laurie Anne King - Submitted on 5/1/2002
  188. How to NOT get Insulted - Written by Bernie Day - Submitted on 4/24/2002
  189. Pranic Therapy - Written by G Kumar - Submitted on 4/16/2002
  190. WARNING! ***The Water You’re Drinking Could Be Killing You*** - Written by Tom DeBartolo - Submitted on 4/14/2002
  191. The Miracle of Breath - Written by Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. - Submitted on 1/20/2002
  192. Making Sure your New Year’s Resolution Sticks! - Written by Bernie Day - Submitted on 1/4//2001
  193. Nature's Medicine - Written by Iris Chiappolini - Submitted on 1/2/2002
  194. What is Empathology? - Written by Bernie Day - Submitted on 12/18/2001
  195. Non-Steroid Natural Approach for Eczema - Written by Patricia Brachman, RN - Submitted on 11/15/2001
  196. 4 of the best health tips from Practical Health Guides - Written by Christian H. Godefroy - Submitted on 10/15/2001
  197. Routine Matters! - Written by Shubhra Krishan - Submitted on 8/13/2001
  198. Menopause: Millstone or Milestone? - Written by Shubhra Krishan - Submitted on 7/24/2001
  199. Medical Intuition: A New Frontier In Health Assessments - Written by Dr. Rita Louise - Submitted on 7/15/2001
  200. Over 400,000 U.S. Citizens have died needlessly of AIDS! - Written by Marvin R. Kitzerow Jr - Submitted on 7/10/2001
  201. Initiations - Written by Anja Heij - Submitted on 6/1/2001
  202. Dr.Nelson Kochappavu,ND,Ph.D's "Nature Cure" - Written by Dr.Nelson Kochappavu,ND, PH.D - Submitted on 2/10/2001
  203. Stressed by the Failure to Lose Weight? - Written by Evelin Saxinger - Submitted on 10/10/2000
  204. Dealing With Meditation Practice - Written by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D - Submitted on 9/15/2000
  205. An Introduction To MAGNETIC THERAPY - Written by Richard Whitehead - Submitted on 9/1/2000
  206. MiracleBack Pillow - Written by Dr. Loretta T. Friedman - Submitted on 5/3/2000 
  207. Creating Passion in Your Life! - Written by Lalia Robinson Wilson - Submitted on 4/21/2000 
  208. Natural Resourse 95% effective from the sea. Stop Those Aches & Pains! - Written by Lillian Lucas - Submitted on 03/12/200 
  209. Tai Chi for Arthritis -- A Specially Designed Program by Dr Paul Lam’s Team - Written by Dr Paul Lam - Submitted on 2/6/00 
  210. Through the Tunnel - Written by Martin Brofman, Ph.D. - Submitted on 11/15/99
  211. How to Submit an Article to Natural Health Web.

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  19. Aspentree Hypnotherapy- -Kipp D. Trembley, B.A., C.Ht. Professional, sensitive, client-centered. Achieve goals, release unwanted habits, enhance emotional and mental abilities, boost self-confidence, find peace.
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  24. bobfrissell.com- -Bob Frissell "Flower of Life" workshop facilitator offers workshop schedule and on-line registration, free newsletter subscription, books, audio and videotapes on rebirthing, higher self, emotional body prophecies, Thoth, Melchezadek, etc.
  25. Bolingbrook massage therapy- -Get your massage therapy services from one of the top therapists in Bolingbrook
  26. Brent Atwater, Medical Intuitive, Healer- -Brent's global Medical Intuitive and healing Energy work has been studied by and or documented at Duke Center for Integrated Medicine, the ARE: Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment, The Dallas Center in Atlanta, GA, & at NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine.
  27. Bristol Hypnotherapy- -Joanna Saxby, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, safe natural and effective relief from Aniety, panic attacks, habits, fears, phobias and anger amongts many other areas
  28. Canadian Osteopathic and Natural Medicine Centre- -We focus on Healing the Natural Way. We are Doctors of Osteopathy, Natural Medicine and Natural Oncology Therapeutics. We specialize in all Neuromuscular Therapies including Craniosacral Therapy. We are Doctors of Natural Medicine and Natural Oncology (natural Cancer Therapies).We are a leading Natural Oncology Centre, offering Natural Cancer Consulting and tratment plans. We are familar with all Altenative Cancer Treatment Protocols, and can guide our clients to what is best for them. We also focus on the Spritual Psychotherapeutic Model and offer Metaphysical Treatment and a International Leadier in as Etheric Laser Surgery, treating all manner of illnesses with Great Success. Our Bio-Quantum Medicine Approach empowers our Clients/Patients to the Restoration Good Natural Health.
  29. CanAm College- -offers over 100 Diploma Correspondence Courses by mail or email. Each course comes with a personal tutor. A payment plan and free prospectus is available
  30. capitalregionwellnesscenter.com- -Full-service holisitic wellness center offering Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Massage, Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Medical Intuitive Readings and much more! Located in Omega Plaza, 1315 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12205. Call us: Phone (518) 446-0200.
  31. Celestial Light Journeys- -Balancing Body,Mind and Spirit. Professional,Caring Practioners,in various areas of Natual Health & Holistic Therapies. Free monthly newsletter.
  32. Celestial Soul Premier Massage- -Celestial Soul is a studio-style massage therapy practice located in the heart of historic Dilworth, Charlotte, NC. Through years of experience, the best benefits of both the spa and clinic worlds have been combined into what clients have said they desire most: a customized and effective therapeutic treatment from an experienced professional blended with the premiums typically provided in spas. Voted Charlotte's Best Massage 2007!
  33. Come Walk With A Shaman- -Learn about Shamanism, articles, online courses, free newsletter, free consultation with Shaman Elder.
  34. Complete Holistic Health- -Natural Health Practitioner gives you the health information that you need to have a Complete Transformation in your health Updated frequently with new articles, information , and products - Whole Foods, Supplements, and Consulting available.
  35. Crystal Clear Classes for Reiki Inspired Healing- -Reiki Training with Triptych Healing Services is a series of 12 lessons and three Attunements. This unique training program includes classic Usui Reiki training including symbols, as well as working with Chakras and many other topics related to holistic healing. Free for a Limited Time.
  36. crystal clear readings- -The site is about natural psychic readings plus other different types of readings and of different forms of natural healing
  37. Crystal healing and holistic healing- -Holistic and crystal healing online by a Brooklyn-based healer with years of experience and success
  38. Directory of Natural Therapists & Services- -Find just the right natural health practitioner, holistic healing service and health products nearest to you. Publisher of 11th annual edition of the Natural Health Directory, Western Australia's original guide to your choices in natural and holisic health.
  39. Discover Health and Wealth - Alternatives for Personal and Financial Prosperity- -Protect your health with simple, safe and effective holistic alternatives. Herbal Products for inner cleansing, non-toxic skin care, PMS-Menopause relief, organic nutrition supplements, stress management. Wealth management resources and business opportunity.
  40. Disease Information- -Provides information of all major killer disease like Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart diseases,
  41. Dr. Bruce's Online Office- -Private, confidential, client centered holistic therapies to recharge your body, mind and spirit in my office or by phone
  42. Dr. Eddys Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School- -Our Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School is a unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner.
  43. Dr.Lilian-Transformational Counselor/Spiritual Advisor-Psychic/Hypnosis-Meditation Specialist- -Internationally known, Dr.Lilian has been counseling for over 10 years. A gifted psychic who advanced her education in the sciences studying anatomy, human behaviour, perception and cognitive behaviour. She wasn't satisfied with only her gifts but needed to be involved in research and through life experiences offers sound advise and amazing tools to help empower others. Well worth a visit to her web- where she offers Tarot Readings, Transformational Counseling, Spiritual Advise and more!
  44. East2WestMedicine- -Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Acupuncture focusing on a whole person approach to healing. Partners in your healing journey.
  45. EFT London- -EFT is a simple technique used to dissolve minor and major emotional stress and help reduce or alleviate physical stress. It involves tapping or holding specific energy points on the face, body and hands whilst focusing on the symptom, whether that symptom is emotional, e.g., a feeling of anxiety, lack of confidence, guilt, anger or a physical symptom such as a headache, tension, pain or sore throat. EFT can be used to dissolve phobias such as a fear of spiders, heights or enclosed spaces and can help overcome addictions such as smoking, drinking or over-eating. EFT has proved to have a significantly high success rate.
  46. Empathology - -a Journey to Self.- -Empathology directs a person on a path of self-discovery.  This process takes people directly to their core –  REAL Self.  Learn how thousands have made this journey that results in peace of mind, hope, joy, and the manifestation of their heart’s desires.
  47. Energy Medicine & Healing Treatments, Sydney- -Alternative Medicine: Chicago, New York, Sydney/Australia. Phoebe Allwell provides alternative health energy medicines & healing therapies.
  48. Essence of Healing- -Usui Reiki Masters offering Reiki Energy Sessions, Certificate Trainings & Attunements, Ear Candling, Reiki Info.
  49. Extra Gentle Yoga - Portland Oregon- -Ananda Yoga is a gentle and yet dynamic form of Yoga suitable for all ages and body types. David Ramsden RYT is registered with the National Yoga Alliance as a certified level-two Ananda Yoga Teacher and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.
  50. Find a Reflexologist Ltd- -Find your local Reflexologist at a clinic or mobile, from the UK's first register of fully qualified Reflexologists from all the recognised examining bodies.
  51. Find counselling in Nottinghamshire- -Search for counselling, psychotherapy or therapy in Nottinghamshire
  52. Find Massage Therapists- -Online directory of Massage Therapists and Massage Schools. Find Massage Therapists or Massage Schools using our directory. Massage Supplies and Jobs.
  53. FREE Health Check- -Do you have any early signs of disease? Our bodies show signs before actual symptoms of disease appear. Catch it before it catches you!
  54. Free Healthy Holistic Living resources- -Free Healthy Holistic Living resources,Body Mind Spirit health info,Healthy Lifestyle,cardio,strength,flexibility,nuitruition,healing,humanism,fit
  55. Free Wellness Coaching- -Wellness coaching concentrates on personal success and fulfillment through conscious nurturing of the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a person. A coach can make objective observations of a person’s situations and guide the person through a self-directed plan to meet desired goals. Chiropractors are the wellness experts because their care is centered on the health of the nervous system. How a person responds to the environment, thinks, heals, creates and loves are all dependent on the condition of the nervous system.
  56. Gail O'Keeffe- -A peaceful place of guidance, release and renewal. Offering Private Intensives that will facilitate your healing. Available globally by Certified Higher Self Life Coach and Metaphysical Practitioner and Channel. Brisbane, Australia
  57. gallinio- -health and beauty reiki hot stone treatments massage training courses
  58. Global Healing Center, Inc.- -"Worldwide Leaders In Advanced Alternative Medicine." Global Healing Center specializes in getting the whole body healthy using hi-tech supplementation, nutritional balancing, detoxification & cleansing strategies, oxygen/ozone therapy, disease-elimination programs, pain elimination, chelation therapy, stress relief techniques, health education and water/air purification. 
  59. Grandmother's Medicine Lodge- -Grandmother's Woman Medicine, Traditional Healer, Rainbow Medicine healer, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Counselling, Keeper of the Drum, Sound Healer, Water Healer, Ancient Bundle-Keeper
  60. Groskopp Chiropractic- -Chiropractic and rehabilitation care using safe, gentle adjustment techniques such as activator. Also offers physical therapy and nutrition services.
  61. gsmhealth.com- -Learn more about diseases and herbal medicine from Dr. Gouri Maharaj.
  62. Harvest Moon Midwifery- -Licensed Midwife offers homebirth services and well-woman care
  63. Healer Websites Completely Created For You- -A healer wishes to create flash sites for every healer who doesn't have a site. All the work is done for you. All you need is an email account. Beautiful, original sites with Flash intros descibing your practice with your contact info.
  64. Healing Approach- -Site with information on Reiki, Kiesiology, Massage and Hopi Ear Candles. Great links and helpful hints
  65. Healing Ear Infections ~ through the Gift of Knowledge- -For anyone with chronic ear infections, prescribed multiple antibiotic therapies and facing possible ear surgery. What to request from physicians and low - cost, effective and proven measures to aid in curing, healing and preventing ear infections.
  66. Healing Hands Gran Canaria- -The premier Holistic, Massage and Beauty Therapy centre providing all forms of complementary and alternative therapies, Massages and Beauty Treatments in Gran Canaria
  67. Health Consultations Online- -Health Consultations. Natural Treatments-Nutritional Therapy, Colour Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching, EFT, Reiki. Consultations in person, online, over phone/skype. Online Alternative Therapy Courses. When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself.
  68. Health Inspirations- -Holistic resources and inspiration for health, healing, personal growth and transformation.  Health consulting for lifestyle changes, illness and weight loss.  Quality products for anti-aging, weight loss, and air and water purification. Music and audio programs for meditation and healing.
  69. Health News- -Health News
  70. Health Solutions- -Welcome to the online office of Dr. Jamileh Naddaf, as seen on Your Health on FamilyNet. We offer complete chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and DRX9000 care. We also carry a complete line of health supplements.
  71. Healthy Haven- -Helping you, help your body, heal itself! Massage, body work and natural health consulting.
  72. Healthy You Naturally- -Alternative Health Solutions and the wisdom of natural health and wellness by a highly regarded Natural Health Practitioner for clients, partners and students through local and distance counselling and educational programs available across North America.
  73. Helen Healer- -I am a natural healer for both Animals & People. I work closely with homeopathic Vets and Doctors in Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire. Healing helps with bad backs / lameness to cancers.
  74. Hepatitis C Virus, Alternative treatment protocol for hepc & related liver ailments.- -Dedicated to alternative Hepatitis C protocol, Alchemist Lab is a clinician owned and operated company premised on individualized non-toxic treatments for Hepatitis C.
  75. Higher Connection- -Holistic Health Pracitioner, in person or over the phone.
  76. Holistic Health Counseling- -As a Holistic Health Counselor, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. Whatever your concerns are, my job is to help you find which foods and lifestyle choices work best for you.
  77. Holistic Help with Cynthia- -Alternative Solutions to Living with Chronic Illness or Chronic Pain. Nourish your Soul, Diet and Nutrition, Personal Growth. FREE Newsletter and FREE 30 minute Consultation
  78. Holistic Junction Alternative Medicine- -Holistic Junction is your source for Holistic Practitioners; Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Reflexology Schools; Alternative Medicine; Insightful Literature and so much more!
  79. Holistic Point- -Operates a Holistic Touch Center to offer professional holistic health services, trainings, education programs and retailing of holistic health related products.
  80. holistic-business- -Internet resource centre for Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practitioners and Holistic Business Owners
  81. Home remedies for common ailments- -We bring simple free home remedies from your kitchen shelves and common plants for common ailments, some of the best home remedies ever found, symptoms, causes and cures are also covered
  82. HomeHealings- -Affordable On-line Natural Health Consultations from Professional Naturopathic Practitioners. Complete Recommendations include diet/nutrition, exercise, herbal, and lifestyle advice.
  83. Homeopathy Encinitas- -Two classical homeopaths serving the health needs of San Diego County and Southern Orange County. A family practice for common health concerns, as well as difficult illnesses like autism and mental illness.
  84. Honoring your Inner Voice- -The inner voice is your personal connection to divine wisdom and truth. It connects you to all the wisdom, which you need to solve any issue in your life. Simone Sophia provides assistence and tools to get in contact with the inner voice and to help to solve any issues preventing the contact
  85. HypnoRN.com- -Hypnotherapy with a licensed healthcare professional. Offices located in Tarzana, California.
  86. Inner Connections Holistic Center- -Inner Connections Holistic Bodywork Center provides exceptional bodywork, energy work, Master Herbal and Naturopathic healing, as well as holistic and complementary modalities and life coaching sessions. Our intention is to provide a place where clients can connect with their inner experience and learn about themselves from a holistic perspective in an unconditional manner. Inner Connections carefully selects practitioners for their skill, education, professionalism, experience and personal evolvement, therefore, clients can trust that they will receive the highest quality of service from any Inner Connections practitioner.
  87. INNER SOUND - Sound Therapy and Music Healing for Everyone- -A Marriage of Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom - combining ancient sound healing practices with new technologies and discoveries, INNER SOUND is a range of sound therapy tools that can be used to restore dynamic balance and create progressive movement in the human organism.
  88. InnerFix- -The InnerFix™ system is an holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and well being.
  89. Insomnia Tips- -Tips for insomnia. If you are having sleeping disorders or sleep problems then you are insomniac and that need to be cured, how we can tell.
  90. Institute For Life ForceTransmissions- -Power Of Exuberance™ Trainings, Tele-conference Classes, Empowerment/Success Coaching,Reiki Trainings-globally-long distance,Personal Healing Sessions
  91. International Institue for Holistic Therapies & Vibrational Healing- -A complementary medicine school teaching workshops, Diploma Courses, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Colour Healing, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Massage, Indian Head Massage, Relaxation and Meditation, with Branches in and Representatives in UK, France, Australia and Hong Kong. The IIHTVH travels to wherever students require teaching
  92. Jacob Griscom's Peaceful Living Holistic Healthcare Center- -Offering a holistic approach in medicine, Nonviolent Communication training, and holistic health articles and resources.
  93. Julie Tomkins - Massage Therapist & Reflexologist- -I am fully qualified, trained and insured to offer high quality, professional treatments in Indian Head Massage, Full Body Massage, Sports Massage and Reflexology. I am a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) & Self Employed Professionals Association. I cover areas around Manchester & Cheshire areas: Sale, Altrincham, Timperley, Hale, Bowdon, Didsbury & Manchester City Centre. I am fully committed to promote and make aware to the general public the importance of Massage and Reflexology to our general well being. Hence, my treatment motto "it's a neccesity and not a luxury".
  94. Kimberly Rex, MS Certified Holographic Repatterning Practitioner- -Holographic Repatterning is a resonance repatterning system. What we resonate with is what we experience in the world. Everything is the Universe has a frequency down to the sub-atomic particle level. Working with frequencies we can shift what is going on for us consciously by accessing our unconscious patterns to improve wellness, relationship and abundance. Part of the site works with spiritual visioning through artwork and poetry. My background in shamanism, Expressive Therapy and Holographic Repatterning assists with connecting and creating visionary art.
  95. Koala T Life- -Pulse Electro-Magnetic Therapy for pain relief, reduction of swelling and increased range of motion.
  96. Kyrah Malan- -Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Energy Healing (including bioenergetic, crystal, sound, color, light, & advanced healing methods) craniosacral, polarity energy balancing & shamanic healing, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual counseling, School of Esoteric Healing
  97. LakeNormanAcupuncture.com- -Acupuncture practice at Lake Norman just North of Charlotte, NC. Wholesale natural products for licensed practitioners.
  98. London Hypnotherapist in WC1- -Hypnotherapist in central London WC1 providing effective treatment for most conditions including trauma, panic attacks, phobias, smoking, confidence, stress, relationship issues and more.
  99. London Therapists Directory- -The Directory for Complementary and Alternative Therapists in London. Registered members have exclusive access to our forum, chat room and classifieds service as well as a detailed geographical listing with website link and photo or company logo.
  100. Looking Up Astrology- -Offering a full service astrology geared towards soul growth. Complete, non-computerized delineation, includes Lilith, Pre-natal eclipses, formula for homeopathic flower remedies. Certified, with over 25 years experience. Wonderful gift for everyone.
  101. Menopause-PMS-Progesterone Resource Center- -Learn about menopause, PMS, and progesterone at the Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone Resource Center. Contains over 45 articles on the topics, information on reducing PMS pain and getting through with menopause. Also reviews products such as progesterone creams.
  102. Metaphysical Healing- -Alternative health through divine spirituality, metaphysical healing, and healing prayer. Physical health, mental health, harmony through the healing power of prayer and God's Love.
  103. Minerva Educational and Treatment Center- -A Pennsylvania holistic and complementary healthcare center providing wellness counseling treatments in conjuction with your physician and educational programs in Reiki, Clinical Aromatherapy, Integrated Energy Therapy and Healing Touch.
  104. Natural Health Directories- -Your source for everything natural, including schools, spas, retreats, vacations, products, organizations and more!
  105. Natural Health House- -Promoting natural health, reiki, reflexology, Indian Champissage (head massage) and Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi ear candles) Neways safe natural nutritional, personal and eco-friendly household products.
  106. Natural Holistic Health- -Naturapathic Holistic Health dedicated to detoxification, homeopathy, supplementation, healthy living and attitute.
  107. Natural Medicine Clinic- -We offer comprehensive healthcare, custom designed to meet your family's needs, including medical testing, healing services, homeopathic remedies and a commitment to listen honestly to your suggestions. With same day analysis, our patients are provided with immediate results.
  108. ndwellness.net- -Naturopathic Physicians with 15 years combined experience providing the latest medical advances with a holistic approach. Specializing in aesthetics (wrinkles), cellulite, weight loss, thyroid, and skin cancer prevention.
  109. New Dimensions Retreat Center- -Our "Blending with Life"® retreats offer a unique mix of services for a personally empowering and life-transforming experience. Retreat participants learn techniques to enhance their vitality and exuberance, reduce stress, manage conflict and keep themselves safe. Come join us for a sacred healing journey.
  110. Notes From the Naturopath- -Naturopathic blog on topics of all natural healing and holistic health.
  111. NY Health Hypnosis- -We specialize in smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety and insomnia.
  112. NY Wellness Directory- -Complete listing directory of all New York area holistic and wellness related resources and bussinesses.
  113. Ohio Insititute Of Energetic Studies- -Cam Programs and Professional Training in Energy Medicine and Polarity Therapy/APP?RPP Focus on Holistic Health Education/ Research/educational articles/newsletter
  114. Ojas Ayurveda & Yoga Institute, Inc.- -Shekhar Annambhotla is the Founder & Director of Ojas Ayurveda & Yoga Institute, Inc. With over 20 years of education and experience practicing and teaching Ayurveda, Shekhar offers personal health consultations, courses, workshops and lectures on Ayurveda throughout the United States. 
  115. Permanent Allergy Elimination- -Eliminates Allergies and related disease.
  116. Personal Development Workshops- -Specialist Workshops for Binge/Compulsive Eaters. Personal Development workshops including Louise L Hay, Susan Jeffers & Susie Orbach. Specialist in Obesity issues. Clinical Nutritionalist with Diploma in eating Disorders. Also general workshop host, self-esteem, meditation, affirmations etc. Empower yourself!
  117. Pet Care Naturally- -Your #1 Holistic Pet Website by award-winning author of The Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats, Dr. Shawn Messonnier
  118. Positive Results Counseling- -Specializing in Human Relation Dynamics and Personal Empowerment, Focusing on your health and wellbeing helping you create a better life.
  119. PRANICJYOTI- -pranic healing , astrological services ,medcal astrology , mudratatvavigyan,panch pakshi phal, instant remedies
  120. Quantum life- -South Florida's ultimate resource guide of holistic and alternative healers and suppliers for the healthy and natural living wellness community.
  121. REGIONAL BILLERS-The expert medical billers.- -We are a small billing company specializing in Chiropractic and Physical Therapy billing. We do it better and cheaper then anyone on the planet.
  122. Reiki healing Health Benefits- -Learn how can Reiki restore and maintain your health. Also learn about Chakras, Auras, Kundalini Energi, Dowsing and more. Find a list of recommended books,CDs,natural health sources, also webtools for practitioners and other entrepreneurs.
  123. Reiki Power- -Reiki Master/Teacher in CHESTER UK, info. on treatments, training, healing symbols, links..and much more.
  124. Revive Holistic Therapies- -Holistic therapy treatments, workshops, Reiki training and natural aromatherapy beauty products
  125. Rock Lily Natural Health- -Multi-modality Clinic
  126. rosecottagefloweressences- -rose cottage flower essences is about the making ,therapy and selling of flower,channelled,crystaland place essences by Robina Hearle,flower essencetherapist,Reiki master,chartered physiotherapist.
  127. Sacred Path Astrology- -Intuitive astrology readings for personal development, understanding your relationships, financial conditions, health and the expanded awareness of your life's mission. Personal life coaching to assist you in living your dream. Rejuvenating massage on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  128. Sacred Space Essentials: Bach Flower Remedies & Flower Essences- -Self-healing using gentle forms of vibrational medicine, such as Bach flower remedies and other flower essences, to help create and maintain balance and harmony of the body, mind, heart and soul.
  129. Sacred Spaces Healing- -My mission is to Support the body's natural state of balance through Transformational Energy Healing and Reiki and Archetypal Counseling. Workshops, classes and private session Help you learn your energetic Blueprint and determine the best methods to maintain that balance. Ruth Labbe, certified Caroline Myss's - Archetypal Counselor and member of the AADP.
  130. scott bryant- -Wellness: "A state in which a human being functions at an optimum level of integration between the elements of body, mind and spirit. The well individual is one who is happy, healthy and whole, and who perceives his/her life as one with meaning and purpose.”
  131. Seeing Without Glasses- -Eye Exercises to improve your vision.
  132. Seek to Know- -About Self, self-knowledge, self-empowerment through self discovery, holistic knowledge, insight counseling, journey to self from Universal perspective...
  133. Sekhem Healing Arts- -Offering Course & Treatments in the healing arts of Sekhem, All Love Skhm, Learning the art of Komyo Reiki and Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Jumon Workshops. The Reconnection, (Teachings of Eric Pearl) Parallel Realities & DNA strands. Seminars on the Indigos & Starseeds, the children of the Holy Grail. Health and healing events in the UK.
  134. Shenque Acupuncture & Healthcare- -Shenque Healthcare provides acupuncture treatments, herbal remedies, massage & bodywork addressing issues such as acute or chronic pain, injury, withdrawal and detox from addictions, weight management, insomnia, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, acid reflux, diarhea, damaged metabolism, respiratory problems, asthma, flu, sinus infections, gynocological issues, fertility disorders, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, liver & gallbladder problems, lymphatic drainage and chronic fatigue.
  135. Significant Healing Holistic Practitioner- -Seeking Significant Healing? Visit my online office! Board Certified Holistic Practitioner.
  136. Simply Relaxed- -I offer professional holistic health services in the comfort of my home/office located in beautiful Deltona, Florida.
  137. Spiritual Healing- -Spiritual Healing is excellent for healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues of any kind and it gives wonderful results. Know that your soul is existing in many realities simultaneously – but to grow in spiritual maturity. We help you to gain harmony and health. Get your Free Healing –NOW!
  138. StayBalanced- -Natural Hormone Therapy, Mental/Emotional/Physical Health Articles, Stress Reduction Therapy, Integration Therapy, Trauma Release
  139. Stress2Bliss- -Inspiration and advice on the Emotioanl Freedom Technique. Sign up for our free "Seven Steps to Inner Peace and Personal Power" 7 part email home study course.
  140. Summer's Dawn Massage- -Voted 'Best Massage' in 2002 SLO County... Mobile massage therapy for home or office... specializing in Pain Management, Sports, Hot Stone and Prenatal massage
  141. the "all natural health" web site- -Our site is the place to come for all of your natural health needs. This includes alternative medicine,all-natural house and garden supplies, organic food and even pet care.
  142. The Alternative Network Directory of South Africa- -Portal listing practitioners of complementary therapies, and a diary of forthcoming events.
  143. The Art of Healing- -The Art of Healing is a quarterly magazine - independently owned, with a focus on issues relevant to Australian people. The purpose of The Art of Healing is to inform and educate its readers about health and healing alternatives. In each issue we cover the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and healing with a view to inspiring people to become more self-empowered with respect to their wellbeing.
  144. The Center for Energy Medicine- -A website of a medical doctor who specializes in energy medicine, nutrition, natural and environmental medicine.
  145. The Consulting Health Group- -4 expert sites offering advice, support and information on all aspects of natural health, psychological health and alternative medicine for all the family. Qualified advice for pet owners too, on dog and cat health and behaviour, plus much more...
  146. The Family Herbalist- -Our purpose is to help others achieve a natural, healthy balance in their lives through informative articles, practical tools, herbal remedies, natural and organic
  147. The Family of Light Healing Centre- -An international mobile healing,yoga and educational centre offering aromatherapy channeling,color therapy,massage medical intuition,reiki,sound healing,stone medicine,vibrational yoga and more.
  148. The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, LLC- -The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, LLC website describes the premier Energy Medicine healing school in the Northeast, featuring The W.I.S.E. Method developed by our Founder and President, Dorothy Martin-Neville. The site provides information about the curriculum, the joys of claiming one's healership, and the transformation students achieve through our 4 year and 2 year programs.
  149. Therapeutics Musics- -Musics of the new millenium for your personnal growth
  150. Tibet Authentic- -Tibet Authentic is a natural products company founded on and guided by the principles of Tibetan medicine, namely that we can lead healthy, happy lives if we approach our health in a holistic way.
  151. Tranquil Days Holistic Therapies- -I offer professional holistic therapies from my home in LISS,HAMPSHIRE, in a tranquil candle-lit setting. They include Reiki/Reflexology/Indian Head Massage/Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage/Japanese Face Massage/Thai Hand Massage/Aqua Detox/Hopi Ear Candling/Bach Flower Remedies/Bioflow Health Magnets
  152. Transforming Lifestyles- -Yoga therapy, kinesiology, holistic fitness, accupressure, reiki, personal life consulations.
  153. Two Kings from Toronto- -We offer a caring, friendly environment that encompasses a wide range of modalities and workshops.
  154. Unlock the Body's Natural Healing Abilities, Tennent Technique Reflexology - -JoAnn Tennent is a trained Reflexologist; a student of Ulla Meyerhof, an extraordinary, European trained, foot reflexologist.
  155. Vajra Padma Bodhi- -A Chinese Buddhist and Taoist Centre providing Massage and Energy Healing Treatments and a Clairvoyant Medium Service. Special Services are available to remove Black Magic, negative spirit hauntings. Melbourne, Australia.
  156. Virtual Holistic Clinic- -Homeopathy, SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Nutrition, Spiritual healing,healthy and balanced life
  157. wellnessgel.com- -gelceuticals, new super-effictive way to get nutrition to your body pre-launch until 04/2005
  158. WHOLEBALANCE- -wholefoods nutritionist
  159. www.columbuspolarity.com- -Center for Integrative Health and wellness specializes in Holistic Health Education. Cetification Courses available for training Holistic Health Educators.
  160. Zenalliance Natural Health Directory- -Find a qualified Natural therapist near you and request your next appointment online via SMS for free.

Additional Web Sites

  2. 3 Dimensional Healing- -We offer psychic healing, holistic consulting, lifestyle and personal growth counseling through the avenues of health, wealth, prosperity, discovering your soul’s purpose, and spiritual warrior / adventure training. Our approach is through clearing issues, healing the Three Dimensional levels of body mind and spirit, and guidance on the path to enlightenment.
  3. A single session that can change your life- -One hour with Debra was worth years of therapy Advanced energy practitioner of Quantum Energetic Disciplines, Debra uses cutting edge techniques to create dramatic permanent change - emotional, physical, finances, relationships etc.
  4. AceMagnetics.com- -Magnetic Bracelets worn by world famous golfer Mr. Arnold Palmer.
  5. Acupuncture by Gail Bozzella- -Gail Bozzella, M.Ac., L.Ac., offers acupuncture and reiki in a safe, welcoming environment. She treats most conditions and specializes in addictions, allergies, depression, infertility & pain management.
  6. Adawehi Healing Center- -Adawehi is dedicated to supporting Health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We offer 10 supportive healing therapies, plus online and onsite personal growth classes, massage therapist and counseling ceus, and ongoing community events and projects, all to support each person 0n their personal path to extraordinary living.
  7. Alexander Technique Atlantic- -Private tuition, workshops and instruction in the Alexander Technique the iPAC way. Better Posture, Greater Poise, Improved Health.
  8. Alternative Therapy Center- -Hypnotherapy, Dream Analysis, and Reiki/Seichim/Sekhem Energy Healing by telephone. Also offered, home study courses in; Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Meditation, Crystal Therapy Aromatherapy, Tarot Card Reading, and Dream Analysis.
  9. Ambers Crystal Healing & Alternative Health- -Crystal healing&alternative health:pages about crystal healing,energizing by crystal healing,usage of crystal healing in alternative health,alternative health&chakren,methods of alternative health
  10. Asthma treatment breathing Buteyko allergy asthma management- -Asthma treatment or asthma management by breathing Buteyko; an alternative asthma treatment, asthma cure or Buteyko remedy for asthma prevention or breathing problems Buteyko helps like bronchitis, emphysema, allergy, hayfever or any breathing difficulty.
  11. Bach Flower Education- -Classes and distance learning course on the Bach Flower Remedies; all are approved by the Dr Edward Bach Foundation, UK. Telephone and email consultations are also available. Nancy Buono, BFRP, international educator and consultant.
  12. Ballenger Creek Chiropractic- -Information about chiropractic, our clinic and how we can help you live a happier, healthier life.
  13. Banish PAIN Forever Bowen Therapy Clinic- -Experience profound, dynamic & lasting healing in just 2-3 sessions! Bowen Therapy is considered the fastest, pain-free pain relief and injury recovery method on the planet today! Recovery from pain and injuries is quick and safe. Considered the gentlest, most effective and economical form of healthcare available.
  14. Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay- -As the healthcare paradigm shifts to more a comprehensive mind/body model, working with the body energetically rather than mechanically is vital. With precision, Bioenergy Balancing releases traumas. toxins and emotional patterning (the true genesis of most illness) through the body's meridians/chakra systems.
  15. Biotherapy, Inc.- -The Biotherapy Alternative Medicine clinic specializes in colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, holistic medicine, body-mind connection, and healing foods consultation for gastrointestinal disorders, Hepatitis B and C, and chronic prostatitis.
  16. Brentwood Health International- -Brentwood Health International is an NNFA member providing the public and NNFA member Health food stores with quality BHI Benfotiamine. Scientific research shows effectiveness against neuropathy and retinopathy. See details along with our other quality products.
  17. Bretthauer Holistic Nutritional Counselling- -Registered holistic nutritionist specializing in achieving optimum health for her clients through holistic nutrition and lifestyle counselling
  18. Canadian Holistic Health Group (CHHG) - - provides listings for complementary health care practitioners and current information on this area of health care.
  19. Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy- -The Cayce/Reilly School also offers very sound instruction in massage technique and the sciences. All students are given instruction in anatomy and physiology, as well as advanced massage modalities. Business development and ethics, two other technical aspects to massage therapy training, are also an integral part of our curriculum. The knowledge gained from these courses, along with the inner work the students are offered, produces an exceptionally well-trained, well- rounded, and successful massage therapist. Our students frequently comment that the education they received far exceeded their expectations.
  20. Claudia Psychic/Healer- -Claudia offers accurate Psychic Readings, Emotional Healing, Spiritual Counseling and many forms of Alternative Healing for healing on all levels.
  21. Complementary Therapies & Stress Solutions at Aswan Enterprises- -A broad spectrum of individual and corporate services for those seeking Balance & Harmony through Wholeness. Aswan Enterprises offers holistic health, complementary therapy, body therapy, stress solutions, corporate care, alternative medicine, many other health-related services and programmes.
  22. Connecting Light- -ConnectingLight offers powerful and efficient distant energy healing treatments and attunements (including Reiki).
  23. David Doré MD(AM) BSc(Hons) MSc Phd DSc LLCCH FBIH MHMA- -online homeopathic treatment for emergency, acute and chronic illnesses.  All the homeopaths at the Alternative Medicine Clinic are registered practitioners and are classically trained homeopaths.
  24. Debra Cummings - An hour that can change your life- -Advanced energy practitioner of Quantum Energetic Disciplines. Cutting edge techniques to create dramatic permanent change - emotional, physical, finances, relationships etc.
  25. Discovery Integrative Healthcare Center- -Discovery Integrative Healthcare Center, chaired by Dr. Kathleen Quinn, provides integrative and holistic treatment of mind, body, and spirit using gynecology and well-woman treatment; psychotherapy for individuals, families, couples, and groups; and growth-oriented (Metamorphosis series) and prevention and early intervention ("So You've Just Been Diagnosed With…" series) retreats
  26. Distance Healer of people, pets and places- -Website of spiritual healer Susan Grey. Contains resources about different healing methods, including animal healing and space clearing.
  27. Dr. Jim's Natural Cures- -Detailed information to enable people to care for their own health using natural means, even when they are dealing with major health challenges.
  28. drkitay.com- -Dr. Kitay has offices near Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Northern New Jersey. She has seen people with a wide range of conditions like: Allergies, Autism, ADD, Candida, Closed Head Injuries, Headaches,Learning Disabilities, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurological Impairments, Chronic Pain, ....and more
  29. Eclipse Lounge- -A journey through topic of wellness & personal growth like yoga, aromatherapy, healing stones, postiive thinking and affirmations along with many other self improvement and self discovery topics.  To start your journey to self click here.
  30. Energy Therapy - an alternative medicine for natural health- -Energy Therapy reduces conflicting emotions and stress, and renews confidence, good health, and spiritual happiness. When the distortions are gone, the aura resumes integrating the body, mind, and spirit.
  31. Equinox Health and Healing- -Integrative medicine clinic offering a blend of best practices of Eastern and Western medical theory, with both primary care and specialty services including chiropractic, massage, nutrition,acupuncture, occupational and environmental medicine for business and the public.
  32. FNAIC- -Information on “The Fifth Nursing Academic International Congress: Cultural Diversity in Alternative Health Care and Nursing Therapeutics,” which will be held on December 2-4, 2002
  33. Freedom From ME- -Freedom from ME is a new site from The Optimum Health Clinic, offering a large amount of information to do with healing ME and chronic fatigue conditions. Freedom from ME offers a very large Interactive section, containing many mp3s full of up to date information and inspiration.
  34. Full Circle Family Care- -Full Circle Family Care, a holistic integrative health center, brings together a range of health care providers and services from acupuncture and massage to women's health care, chiropractic, and pediatrics, all in a nurturing, healing environment.
  35. Gainesville Center for Reiki Training- -Web page of Reiki Master Teacher Terry Rogers, offering training and certification in all levels of Usui Reiki since 1997.
  36. george sarkisian massage therapy boston,ma- -massage therapy, on-site Boston area.swedish,deep tissue,geriatric,chair massage, accupressure
  37. gumology- -A video and dvd in english with spanish subtitles, on optimal oral health. Category: personnal growth, self help, health and wellness, special interest, instructional-holistic dentistry
  38. Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy- -Professional Licensed Massage Practitioner 20+ years full time experience;1987.16410 Smokey Pt Blvd 303 Arlington WA 98223 360-653-4657.Rehab-Relax.Andrew Wolfe, LMP
  39. Healing Courses Online- -Four Paths to healing online, ongoing courses. Follow your path, find your power.
  40. Healing your Life- -Healing Your Life offer an holistic/ metaphysical free directory & advisory service for people and their pets.Our site includes a range of practitioners, products, insights, innovative seminars, information and guidance for healing body, mind & soul.
  41. HealthIsNumberOne.com- -This is your source for information on health, nutrition, family medicine, preventive medicine, wellness, natural treatments, alternative medicine, osteopathic manual medicine (manipulation) and just plain common sense.
  42. Healthtouch Massage Therapy- -Therapeutic massage brings deep relaxation, relief from pain and stress, better health, and calmness of mind. Healthtouch Massage Therapy is an off-site practice in Los Angeles. I specialize in classical Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.
  43. Herbs By Design- -Herbs By Design - Enhancing Life Through Natural Alternatives
  44. holistic hands- -facial massage and exercise,herbal and aromatic skin and hair care, no animal testing, essential oils, candles and books
  45. Holistic Healing- -A group of top experts are waiting to help you. Our catagories include reiki, eating disorders, herbs, relationship counseling and psychic. Get a free phone consultation today.
  46. Holistic Health and Wellness Consulting- -Offering a Holistic approach to Health Care, Wellness Programs and Counseling. Also Seminars, Lectures, Certification Classes and more!
  47. Holistic Health and Wellness Consulting- -Offering a Holistic approach to Health Cre, Wellness Programs and Life Coaching, for improved health and fitness; without unwanted dangerous side effects.
  48. Holistic Medicine- -Welcome to the new experience of holistic medicine. Besides being a well trained allopath, the doctor has the rare distinction of having trained in herbal medicines, acupuncture, reiki, Pranic healing, yoga and meditation. Spiritual counseling forms part of holistic approach wherever indicated. You are the master of your health and happiness. Holistic physician makes the best use of body’s self-healing properties in addition to drugs.......
  49. Homemade Medicine- -Offering the complete health guide to self healing, HomeMadeMedicine.com shows you how to treat any disease, with herbs, herbal therapy, home remedies to better your sexual health. Womens health, man health, children health.
  50. homeopathicwellness.com- -Natural Homeopathic Care for the entire family. Nationally Certified Homeopathic Expert, Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA),CCH shares articles, information and homeopathic consultations.
  51. HumanaNatura.org- -HumanaNatura is the world's leading online natural health community. Come tour our site.
  52. Huna Kupua - Shamanism from Ancient Hawaii- -This site is dedicated to the study and practice of Huna, an ancient Polynesian teaching of knowledge, healing, and power.  A large selection of books, audio tapes and other home study materials are available.
  53. hypnosismotivationcenter- -all about hypnotherapy/nlp
  54. Infinite Health- -InfiniteHealth.net is your online directory of the leading personal development and spirituality seminars, conferences, workshops, corporate training programs, spirit-centered tours, and luxury travel worldwide. All of these programs are facilitated by successful, well-respected, and world-renowned speakers.
  55. InnerHelp Hypnotherapy Somerset- -Ruth Orvis is an experienced hypnotherapist and alternative health writer offering individually tailored sessions  or tapes and CDs.  Based in Somerset, England, InnerHelp offers you the chance to Change your Life - By Changing your Mind.  Contact Ruth Orvis now for details of how you can be helped with hypnotherapy.
  56. Innovative Hypnosis Solutions- -Hypnotherapy for smoking, stress management, weight control, fears, drivenness, worry, sleeplessness, nail biting, hair pulling, undesirable habit and behavior patterns, sadness, anger, teeth grinding, motion sickness, bed wetting, relational problems, nervous twitches, grief work, and others. Clinical cases accepted stictly upon physician referral.
  57. Intuitive Counselor Spiritual Healer Metaphysical Teacher- -Professional, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, counselor, spiritual healer and metaphysical teacher, spritually gifted since childhood, and with over 25 years of transformational counseling and healing experience
  58. joyfulform- -Resources for vibrational healing, education and transformation
  59. Judith Kahn, MD, PC- -Unique medical practice devoted to resolving chronic pain that has not responded to other treatments. Practice uses consegrity energy medicine.
  60. Lake Chiropractic- -Located in Central Virginia, just outside of Lake Monticello, Lake Chiropractic is a busy, single-doctor lcinic providing spinal healthcare to all, young and old. (434)589-8005
  61. Lifeworks Wellness Center- -Located in Clearwater in the Tampa Bay area, LifeWorks Wellness Center combines complementary and alternative medicine with traditional approaches to give you the best health care possible.
  62. Light of Christ Internet Ministries- -Our website is devoted to God through Jesus Christ. He is the Source of All healing and also included are other helpful items to embrace.
  63. Macrobiotics America- -Online, interactive macrobiotic courses. Home study courses. Video and Audio courses. Experienced macrobiotic counselors and teachers. Certified training. Recipes. Articles and more.
  64. Magnetic Bracelets, copper bracelets, magnetic jewelry- -Magnetic bracelets worn by world famous golfer Mr. Arnold Palmer. Magnetic jewelry, copper bracelets and magnetic necklaces and Magnetic rings are always available.
  65. Manchester School of Massage- -Holistic Therapy Courses & Treatments, Gift Vouchers. Manchester UK.
  66. Massage Therapy- -Discover why Rocco Petitti is considered one of the top Massage Therapists in Scottsdale/Phoenix. To find out more, visit our website and receive a complementary gift certificate!
  67. middlesbrough-massage-therapy- -Massage therapy including tibetan head massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, seated acupressure massage, indian head massage.
  68. Muscular Therapy Institute- -For over twenty seven years the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA has been a massage school dedicated to the skill of massage and the art of healing. Nationally recognized for excellence, MTI offers three part-time, professional training programs leading to national certification.
  69. MyHealthSpan- -MyHealthSpan.com is an organization which fosters state-of-the-art Health Care by providing quality information and education in the areas of Preventive Medicine and Clinical Nutrition 
  70. Natural Health Chat - -I want you to fully understand your health care needs so that I can provide the best treatment plan. My clients gain a deeper understanding of how to care for their bodies through healthier living. I design an effective plan to reach their health goals.
  71. Natural Psychotherapy International- -A medication-free, holistic, natural psychotherapy that focuses on each person's uniqueness and natural creative strengths.
  72. natural therapy- -The Holistic orientation to health restoration mandates that we approach a challenging situation from many therapeutic aspects: physical, nutritional, detoxicological, environmental, social, emotional and spiritual, since we function on all these levels simultaneously. This is where Quantum Therapy really shines among all other natural approaches.
  73. NatureChild- -Unique herbal extracts for children, pregnancy, birth, and natural mothering
  74. Neepa's Homeopathic Cure- -Neepa is a experienced and registered Homeopathic Practitioner practising Classical Homeopathy. Her mission is to "Promote Health through Homeopathy with a Holistic, Individualistic, and Totalistic approach".
  75. Permanent Allergy Elimination- -Naet Eliminates all types of allergy and related disease.
  76. Rayna Gangi- -Coprehensive holistic health including classes,consltations,online podcasts, products and referrals
  77. Reiki Training Centre- -Reiki courses in Aberdeen, Scotland and India by Elizabeth Harley.
  78. rolfbodywork.com- -Structural Integration Practitioner in Vancouver, Canada, releases chronic muscular tension and pain, increases body-awareness and improves flexibility and posture.
  79. Starline Enterprises- -natural rock salt crystal lamps tea light holders and bath salt crystals from the foothills of the himalayas.
  80. Taoist Qi Gong- -Qi Gong Healing,Qi Gong Exercise and Meditation classes and workshops in Arizona.
  81. Tera Mai Reiki Holistic Healing- -Tera Mai Reiki Master presents the history of Reiki and Tera Mai Reiki and how it works. Provides Reiki treatments, in-person and at distance. Gives Reiki courses of level I, II, III and Master; in-person and at distance with official certification. Also reviews of scientific research and investigation, books, music and videos. Founder of the Reiki Universal Healing Principles and Ethics.
  82. The Aumara Light & Healing Circle- -Embark on a spiritual journey with distant healing and powerful healing crystals, join us in global meditation, browse through our inspirationg gallery and teachings library, and much more.
  83. The Awareness Centre of Natural Health- -The Awareness Centre of Natural Health offers a wide range of alternative therapy and complementary medicine
  84. The Hair Detectives- -London-based service visiting independent schools to check for head lice and then remove them from the whole school in a natural and stress-free way
  85. The Healing Place- -I am a Hands on Healer since birth,Reiki Master of Intuitive therapy, Certified Hypnotherapist, also a Spiritual & Grief Counselor, and the home of "Keets Healing Angels".  One of my specialties are treating people with cancer and other challenging diseases. I also give classes and teach my patients how to heal their body, mind and spirit.
  86. The Healing Services Offered By C. N. RODGERS- -This site offers healing energy and a complete list of the healing services offered by Master Psychic/Healer C. N. RODGERS
  87. The Healing Store- -We sell a comprehensive line of chinese herbs and other supplements
  88. The Inner Search Centre- -As a Lifestyle Consultant my commitment is to helping others build wellness from within.
  89. Wellness Center of Paaris- -Research, recipes,natural health products, magazine articles and practitioner information
  90. Yoga- -Search through our resource pages and find information on Alternative Medicine and Natural Health
  91. Young Living Therapeutic Grade A Essential Oils- -Grade A Genuine Authentic Essential Oils - non-adulterated- high biofrequency - unique distilling - Free monthly newsletter

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