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  Article: Urinary Incontinence Herbal Remedy - by Michael Kang  
  MagiHerbs U-I-Check Product Description Introduction Urinary Incontinence (UI or urine leaks) affects millions of people, especially for old women. There are many type of UI, however, most are catagorized as low-Yang symptoms by Chinese medical theory. Since in western medicine, a real cure for UI has not been found, there are several Chinese remedies could help to relieve the UI problems. MagiHerbs U-I-Check is a 100% natural herbal formula is based on Chinese decoctions proven effective to relieve, for people of all ages and genders, (non-infectious) Low-Yang symptoms, include: Urinary Incontinence (UI): involuntary urine loss, frequent night urines, uncontrolled bladder leaks, night leaks of children, may due to hormonal or neuromuscular or other causes. Lack of Qi/energy: short breaths, low endurance, tiredness; menís premature ejaculation, etc. Muscular-Skeletal symptoms: osteoporosis, waist and back pains, arthrosis, etc. Lack of libido/heat: low sex drive, menís impotence; cold hands and feet, fear of cold, etc. Metabolism change symptoms: aging kidney, other genitourinary or digestive systems problems. U-I-Check is the best remedy to relieve the above symptoms and has no known side effects. Main Ingredients: U-I-Check consists of 38 herbs to relieve low-Yang aging symptoms, including: Hormone balancing: black cohosh, longspur epimedium, Chinese magnoliavine. Vigor/heat enhancing: bark of eucommia, Chinese teaseal rood. Qi/energy enhancing: American ginseng, milk veteh, large-headed atractylodes, Chinese yam, licorice, Chinese dodder, three-nerved spicebush. Leak/emission reducing: medicinal cornel fruit, fossil fragments, oyster shell, fragment-flowered garlic, Cherokee rose fruit, gordon euryale, Chinese cynonrium. Bladder controlling: malaytea scurfpea fruit, grass-leaved sweetflag, narrow-leaved poluygala, red raspberry, oriental arborviate seed, galangal fruit. Blood enriching: dong guei, prepared rehmannia, root of herbaceous peony. Clots cleansing: ox-knee, amber. Fluid retention eliminating: tuckhoe, hypo-glauca. Main Actions: The natural herbs work synergistically to supplement the endocrine glands and/or prostate, to balance hormone production, to improve energy and the muscular-skeletal systems, to improve bladder control nerves and pelvic muscles, to clean the non-infectious growth of phlegm, clots, and cellular debris in the genitourinary systems. These factors combined may cause U-I and other Low-Yang symptoms. Suggested Dosages: To relieve symptoms, take 4-6 capsules before every dinner. The time lapse to feel its effectiveness varies depending on individual's conditions; usually after taking U-I-Check for only 5-10 days, the symptoms are much relieved or gone. If after 2 bottles, symptoms have not improved, U-I-Check may not be suitable for you. When no or only slight symptoms are observed, take 1 to 3 capsules daily as a supplement to ensure the genitourinary systemsí health and regain youthful energy. Warning: Do not take U-I-Check in fever or with other infectious diseases; or when you are low in Yin or with internal heat (you may feel hot/heat or when the color of your urine is more yellow than normal: in these situations, you can use MagiHerbsí MenoYouth first to clear usp the internal heat before using U-I-Check). Package and Storage: Each U-I-Check bottle contains 60 capsules of 500 mg standard herbal extract. U-I-Check is a product of PCK Technologies, Inc. The Woodlands, TX 77381. Made in USA. For more information, please visit: www.MagiHerbs.com.  



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