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  Article: HAWTHORNIA A Hernia Remedy - by Michael Kang  

Product description

When pains or cramp happen in the lower abdominal area, it may be a hernia or other muscle discomfort and weakness. There are about 5 million hernia sufferers in the US, only about 700,000 actively search for treatment, because there is no recognized medication for hernias except hiatus hernia (heart-burns, a stomach problem), and the standard operations are usually painful and sometimes not very effective. Hawthornia is a 100% natural herbal formula well proven in China to be very effective to hernia and other related problems caused by general weakness or over-exercises. Hawthornia relieves most symptoms of groin, femoral and inguinal hernias, and some of umbilical hernia. It works on the principle to strengthen the support muscles for internal organs, such as intestine, so that the organs won't fall through any hole or opening in the body diaphragm. Of course, it works best when little symptoms have been felt, if the lump becomes too big, and symptoms remain after 2 bottles of Hawthornia, you may need an operation to seal the opening first. Then take Hawthornia also help to prevent symptoms happen on the other side of your lower abdomen. Usually after taking Hawthornia for only a few days, the symptoms are gone, and then you should stop taking Hawthornia, or only take it when the symptoms come again, but this case seldom happens. People under 12 should take half the dosage suggested on the bottle. Each bottle contains 60 capsules of 500 mg standard herbal extract. Manufactured and bottled by a FDA approved GMP factory in California, USA.   For more information, please call 713-592-0777 or view www.magiherbs.com. Hawthornia Q&A


1.What is Hawthornia made of? 

The 4 major ingredients are hawthorn, fennel, citrus seed, and litchi seed. With a special process these natural herbs are combined together to produce the magic effect on the strengthening of lower abdominal organ support muscles. 


2. How does Hawthornia work? 

The herbs work synergically to strengthen the organ support muscles and tissues in the lower abs, so that the organs, including intestines, will go back to stay in their original positions, then they won't fall into any opening on the body wall. Thus the symptoms of hernias disappear.


3. How many bottles are needed to remedy one's problem? 

It varies depending on individual's conditions; usually one bottle is enough to determine whether Hawthornia will be effective for you. If you feel any improvement of symptoms, you need to take more to get better, some people need up to 6 bottles to achieve full recovery. If after 2 bottles, symptoms have not improved, one definitely needs a surgery. But this is a seldom occurrence, unless one has had a surgery before taking Hawthornia. Although Hawthornia can prevent the same organ falling to the other side of abs, it cannot heal the wounds caused by the surgery. Therefore, early usage of Hawthornia is recommended, it may negate a surgery.


4. How does one know one has a hernia? 

Although it is easy to feel, we recommend one should consult a doctor to confirm. If the doctor suggests a surgery, try Hawthornia first. This herbal remedy has been widely used in China with no side effects.


Michael Kang, Ph.D.
President of PCK Technologies, Inc.
Owner of Magiherbs trade mark and producer of Hawthornia for hernias.
website: www.magiherbs.com, email: pckkang@yahoo.com


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