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  Article: The Truth About Energy-Based Allergy Treatment - by Robert Fioravante, M.S.  
  My name is Bob Fioravante. I'm a professional educator in Arizona and I have formerly suffered with allergies for over twenty years. Finally, I have been liberated from years of debilitating allergy symptoms by an alternative allergy treatment known as "energy-based allergy elimination." This simple, powerful treatment has restored my health when conventional western medicine could not. Also, there have been recent, exciting improvements to energy-based treatment which involve the use of the cold laser. If you suffer from allergies, take a look at this powerful new allergy treatment. My allergies started in my twenties, when mold and dust caused a severe post nasal drip and hoarseness. I had some success controlling my symptoms with vitamin C, taking about three grams per day. In my thirties, however, food allergies started. I became allergic to: milk, eggs, cheese, soy, corn, mayonnaise, rye, mustard, pepper, ginger, canola oil, cocoa, onion, MSG, apple, kidney beans, sweet potato, lobster, walnuts, oysters, figs, and Brazil nuts. As my diet became more and more restricted, new allergies emerged, some of which were important nutrients that the body can not do without. These included: several different amino acids, three B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, pollens, and serotonin (a major neurotransmitter). With these new allergies, I felt progressively worse; I lost hope of ever feeling well again. The symptoms of my allergies were extremely difficult to deal with. They included: gastrointestinal distress, bloating, acne, post nasal drip, loss of voice, headaches, frequent bronchitis, fatigue, dizziness, memory lapses, depression, mental fogginess, weight gain, muscle aches, and an inability to relax which was probably caused by my allergy to magnesium and serotonin. Since I wasn't able to take antihistamines due to another health condition in which they are contraindicated, I was forced to resort to natural remedies and the search for a cure. My search for an allergy cure ended when I met a very special chiropractor in Arizona. When I first met Dr. "John", he practiced an allergy elimination technique called N.A.E.T., or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. While N.A.E.T. is the seminal work on energy-based allergy elimination and has brought me very positive results, I soon found that Dr. John and other practitioners were pioneering some amazing, breakthrough methods that truly enhanced the effectiveness of energy-based allergy treatments. This was truly a "cutting-edge" health field and as a patient, I had a "ring-side seat." Having lived in the U.S. all my life, the conventional western view of allergies was indelibly etched in my mind. I understood allergies to be a misdirected response by the immune system to substances that are harmless to most people. Our bodies make immunoglobins to help destroy allergens, and as a result, chemicals like histamine are released from mast cells when they become irritated. Hence, symptoms occur such as like sneezing, runny noses, etc. Dr. John taught me to view the human body holistically, in a way similar to the view of the Chinese. This view accepts the fact that there is an energy system in the body that is separate from the cardiovascular system and nervous system. This system, even though we can not see it, has everything to do with the way the body maintains its overall health. According to this eastern or holistic view, allergies (as well as physical pain or illness) occur when the flow of energy in our bodies becomes interrupted. Authors such as Dr. Richard Chin (Energy Within, 1992) have written about this special energy and the disharmony that results when it becomes blocked. Similarly, other authors such as Donna Eden (Energy Medicine, 1998) have explained that everything is comprised of energy; that every cell of both the human body and even a physical building is actually in motion or part of an energy wave. These energy waves which form the human body and other "things" apparantly contain rhythms, frequencies, wavelengths, and electrical charges. Having opened my mind to Chinese medicine and a new way of thinking about allergies, I soon learned that the human body has twelve “energy transportation systems” referred to as the meridian network. The meridians were supposedly lines of force flowing near the body’s surface, which flow to our internal organs. Also, there are “dots” distributed throughout the meridian network known in Chinese medicine as acupuncture points, and these important points would be utilized in the treatment of my allergies. There's nothing like a demonstration to help you truly grasp a new concept. I think Dr. John knew this because the initial test he performed with me left quite an impression . Using a kinesiology technique called muscle testing, Dr. John told me to hold out my arm and that I should resist when he pressed down on it. He pressed down on my arm and it remained horizonal and strong. Dr. John continued the muscle test by placing a vial in my hand. This vial contained a substance that I was probably allergic to, but Dr. John didn't tell me what it was. He asked me to hold out my other arm horizontally and he once again told me to "resist." This time when he firmly pressed down on my arm, it dropped to my side, even though I tried to hold it steady! The allergen in my hand clearly made my arm weaker and told us that I was allergic to that particular substance; in this case it was a milk protein called casein. For each of my allergens, Dr. John treated me by having me hold a vial containing the allergen, while he "adjusted" several acupuncture points on my spine. After these adjustments, Dr. John muscle tested me again to see if the allergy was clear. Most allergies took just one treatment to clear, while some of my allergies took two or three treatments to clear. To me, this treatment was the cure I had been waiting for. I was already breathing better and eating all the foods I had been formerly avoiding. Surprisingly, however, a new breakthrough would make Dr. John's treatments even more effective than they had been initially. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The cold laser is a type of laser, approved by the FDA in 2002, which emits energy without temperature. When the laser energy contacts our skin, the body uses the energy to speed up chemical reactions and quicken the healing process. Dr. John began using a cold laser to stimulate my acupuncture points during his allergy treatments and the results were astounding. Previously, it took up to three energy-based treatments to clear each of my allergies. Now that Dr. John used the cold laser to do the acupuncture point stimulation instead of his hands, each allergy was cleared in only one session. The cold laser added a whole new dimension of efficiency to energy-based treatments, as well as making them more effective and more affordable. It is beyond the scope of this article to list and discuss the various energy-based allergy treatment methods, self-treatment methods, and the types of cold laser devices that are now available. My primary reason for presenting this information was to make readers aware of an extraordinary option for the elimination of allergies. This method has given me back my health when conventional western medicine could not. >From my experience with energy-based treatments, I feel confindent this method can relieve your allergy suffering as it did mine. ______________________________________________
- © - Robert Fioravante (2004) Robert Fioravante is a professional educator and webmaster of http://www.AllergyEscape.com AllergyEscape.com is a resource for conventional allergy information as well as the new energy-based treatments. Email: webmaster@AllergyEscape.com ______________________________________________

- © - Robert Fioravante (2004) Robert Fioravante is a professional educator and webmaster of http://www.AllergyEscape.com AllergyEscape.com is a resource for conventional allergy information as well as the new energy-based treatments. Email: webmaster@AllergyEscape.com


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