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  Article: Life is a bed of roses which come with thorns by Swastika Shrivastava  

"Life is not a bed of roses" says a famous saying..then is life a bed of thorns?No that is also not true.Well..Life according to me is a bed of roses and roses obviously come with thorns.That is a fact.Hence life comprises of happy as well as sad moments. If there were no sad moments..the importance of happy moments couldn't be realized. 


Therefore in the hard times of stress,tension,disappointments and failures,one must not go into give up or go into depression.One must gather strength and courage and remember God who gives us the inner strength and peace.One must recall the saying"Nothing is permanent..not even your worries".One must keep in mind that it is just a phase of life which will pass away soon.One must be determined not to give up and keep the faith in God.After every dark night there is a morning filled with lots of light. 


Soon the happy time will be back and fill one's life with happiness.Last but not the least one must remember to find happiness in small good things of life..one cannot wait for a big thing to happen to make one happy everytime!!



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