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Article: looking after yourself at 60 plus - by Golden Reejsinghani

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 When you age a number of changes take place in the body. The immune system becomes weak and therefore the elderly people are attacked by a number of diseases. Lack of exercise, not eating the right diet, obesity and uncontrolled thoughts in the mind too bring about ageing. A person can look beautiful at any age. It is only the will to look good. When people age they feel that it’s no use to pay attention to their looks. Because they feel they have passed their prime. But by looking after your self even when you are 60 70 or 80 you are giving yourself beauty and confidence which lacks in older people and which leaves them far behind in the race of beauty and because of this the elderly people loose their confidence. Therefore no matter what age you are you should look after you health and beauty to put your best foot forward.
Below are some very useful tips which will help you in looking beautiful and at the same time also make you feel happy and healthy if you follow them:-

1. Avoid Malnutrition
The foods to be eaten in order to be healthy and avoid malnutrition should consist of raw foods like green salads, whole grain cereals like wheat,jowar,bajra,nachni etc.Pulses like various beans which include kidney beans ,chole etc.You also can eat curds, lean meat, lean fish, fresh green leafy vegetables and take diary products like low fat milk and curds one thing not to be forgotten is to drink a lot of water because water detoxifies our system .
2. Daily intake of vitamins
In order to remain healthy and to avoid the diseases which are common at this age certain vitamins should be taken and these vitamins. Are as follows- 1. Calcium –Calcium makes the bones stronger and if taken regularly prevents osteporisis and arthritis in the old age. Good sources of calcium are: - milk, eggs, cheese, buttermilk and curds.
2. Vitamin A-Vitamin A helps in preventing fatigue, eye strain and also improves failing eyesight it also helps the ears as it improves hearing. It is also useful for maintaining a clear, bright and youthful complexion. Good sources of Vitamin A are carrots. Drink a glass of carrot juice on a daily basis it will not only improves your eyesight but also at the same time brightens your complexion. Beetroot also contains a lot of this vitamin if taken it acts as a laxative and also makes the sluggish bowels more active.Bananas,papayas,apples,mustard greens and all leafy vegetables contain vitamin A. Leafy vegetables are important because they make the complexion blemish free and glossy.
3. Vitamin B –Vitamin B is very essential for good hearing. It prevents cataracts in the eyes and also prevents baldness. This vitamin also helps in keeping the skin free from wrinkles. Good sources of this vitamin are yeast, curd, buttermilk etc.
4. Vitamin C-Vitamin C again is very good for the eyes and also for ears because it corrects hearing defects. It also helps in keeping the gums healthy and prevents tooth decay. Good sources of this vitamin are amla, tomato, oranges.
5. Vitamin D-Vitamin D makes the bones strong and firm. It also prevents tooth decay. Good sources of vitamin D are fish, cod-liver oil milk, eggs and above all the sunshine. Try to relax in the sunshine for 1 hour to get your supplement of vitamin D.
6. Vitamin E- Vitamin E prevents wrinkling of the skin and keeps it soft and smooth and glowing. Good sources of vitamin E are sprouted moong and dal.

Prevent dryness
At this age the skin tends to become drier therefore making it more itchy.Inorder to combat dryness take a little olive oil or sesame seed oil and massage it into your skin one hour before taking your bath.

You should always try to be very clean. Many elders at this age do not care about their cleanliness thereby not looking after their appearance and also by dressing shabbily. You should always look your best so that you are not un wanted.

You’re Bath
Take your bath daily for this take towel lather it nicely with a perfumed soap nicely and put it all over your body to clean yourself nicely. After taking your bath massage a little of olive or sesame oil on to your skin then go under the shower again for 1 more minute.

Looking after your teeth
Always look after your teeth. Brush them nicely at least twice a day to keep them clean and bright.

Looking after your nails
Always keep your nails clean and well shaped. Keep them clean by using a lot of soap and water.

Make up
As far as possible try to be natural. Apply a little moisturizer on your face and a light pink blusher on your cheeks. Use the softest shade of the lipstick like beige or light pink.

For your hair
Try to keep your hair short because short hair are more manageable but if you do not like short hair then you an make a bun and put a rose in it.

Always try to be positive and make friends and also try to be good and spread goodness, try to be healthy and happy believe in your self and follow the above given tips for a new you.



 Resume Golden Reejsinghani

Golden Reejsinghani started her writing career at the age of 11. She wrote her first cook book “cook book for kiddies”. Making her the youngest cook book writer in the world.
She has won the 1st prize in a writing competition organized by Aptech syntel and Ejurno where all editors and journalists from major newspapers had participated.
She has won 1st prizes by writing for Tinkle, femina, Indian express, Target.
She has written for Mid-day, Mid-day Mumbai metro, Indian express, Tinkle, and Target.
She handled the children’s page for cuisine magazine, Aroona’s world of food. She is the Editor of News unlimited a monthly tabloid.
Her case studies where published by Ministry of small-scale industries Government of India titled ‘Women Entrepreneur’s in India ’.
She regularly writes for newspapers like the DNA, DNA, WESCOAST, DNA NAVI MUMBAI, JLT,Naaree.com <woman’s magazine on the internet> She also designs books, newspapers and websites.
She has designed books for Authors Association of India, EnglishEdition and Aroona publishing house.
She has designed ads for parle, gokul, green giant, aroona publishing house, authors association of India. She also has designed many websites.



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