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  Article: Holistic EMF Protection - by R. Daniel Noyes  
  Modern life can be a maze of challenging energies and stresses to our natural healthy energetic state. Ideally it is optimal to have our energy field and chakras balanced all the time. Some of the things that might stress us are in our environment, such as pesticides in the food, air pollution or unfiltered tap water. The negative effect can be slow and accumulative. Emotional and mental stresses from work and personal relationships can also have a dramatic effect on our natural balanced energy state. I am sure you can think of many more things that can contribute to an unbalanced state.

I would like to address the effect of EMF or electromagnetic fields on the natural human energy field and chakra system. The electromagnetic spectrum covers a wide range of frequencies. The man-made power frequencies are the result of alternating current (or AC). AC fields can create weak electric currents in the bodies of humans and animals. The best examples of EMF sources most people experience daily are cell phone and computer radiation. These man-made EMF energies may have a direct and destructive impact on our natural energy fields. For the unaware it may lead to a diminishing of their natural energy field and chakra vibrancy. Commonly, this might be experienced as reduced physical energy, poor mental focus and concentration, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and even lack of self-confidence. This might further lead to a spiraling effect on general health, and elevated stress at work and in personal relationships. 

What can be done to minimize EMF exposure and provide holistic EMF protection? First, take some simple precautionary steps, such as the following: 1. Increase the distance between yourself and the EMF source - sit at arm's length from your computer terminal & use a headset for your cell phone. 2. Avoid unnecessary proximity to high EMF sources - don't let children play directly under power lines or on top of power transformers for underground lines. 3. Reduce your time spent around EMF - turn off your computer monitor and other electrical appliances when not in use. 

While it's good to minimize exposure, most people are inundated daily by EMF and its accumulative effect. Clearly there are other holistic avenues which can help us with the effects of EMF and help to maintain an energetically balanced body state. These might include proper rest and nutrition, Reiki, massage, chiropractic and yoga among others. It may be impractical to utilize some of these on a daily or moment to moment basis. There are however many products on the market that can be worn to naturally support a balanced energetic state and provide protection from EMF. One such newly developed product, the Sunphire, is a holistic body balance pendant. It has been tested clinically and found to be dramatically effective in neutralizing the effects of EMF and in balancing the chakras and associated meridian systems. The Sunphire uses natural energies to dynamically support an energetically balanced body state. More information on the affordable and attractive Sunphire can be found at www.phishield.com. 

Some suggested reading: Cross Currents: The Perils of Electropollution and the Promise of Electromedicine, Dr. Robert Becker. Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumerís Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves, Blake Levitt 

Disclaimer: Statements made herein are provided for informational purposes and the products should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure a health condition or disease, or to replace the care of a medical professional.

R. Daniel Noyes is the inventor of the holistic body balance pendant, the Sunphire. More information on the affordable and attractive Sunphire can be found at www.phishield.com.  Daniel has a M.S. in Botany & Biochemistry, and is recognized by Marquis' Who's Who in Science & Engineering. He has been a student and teacher of holistic living for over 20 years and can be reached at info@thesunphire.com


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