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Article: What Is a Spiritual Perspective? - by Lucille Ann Meltz

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We live daily in the material world of tangible possessions, concrete tasks, computer technology, solid bodies and forms of people and things. It is a dimension we know well and access easily through our five senses. When we confront a problem or challenge in our lives we naturally tend to first look for solutions and answers solely within this material domain.

If we are ill with cancer, we consult an oncologist, if productivity at work is a problem, we buy new software, if our finances are lacking we seek out new employment, if we experience depression, we try psychotherapy and if we feel unloved we change a relationship. Many of these approaches work, at least for the short term, but often our problems resurface in a new form. The cancer recurs in another bodily area, work is more efficient but less satisfying, income is greater, but outstripped by new expenses, and despite Cymbalta or a new lover, we feel lonely or alienated. Our answers from the material world have been incomplete because we have only sought solutions that intrinsically place responsibility elsewhere.

And in the process we have empowered the belief that only other people and resources outside ourselves can guide us to our peace, abundance and well-being.

In the perspective of spiritual problem solving, we remember that we are spiritual beings simply housed in the material world for form, structure, comfort and a sense of security, but it is our souls that are the essential repository of our joy. Our souls are limitless and being divine, are never wrong, never judging, never out of sync with our truest lifeís purpose. What other source in all the universe offers such a loving, affirming, perfectly individualized perspective to meet and overcome lifeís challenges?

Yet we routinely neglect and ignore this extraordinary fountain of information, self- guidance and understanding within each one of us. Our domestication process as humans, particularly in Western culture, tends to keep us tied to outward solutions. However, even without our conscious awareness, our souls are continually leading us to new possibilities for growth, expansion, creativity, love, prosperity and self actualization. What we may perceive as problems, when we tap into the conscious clear vision from our inner self, we can recognize as opportunities that we have drawn to us.

A spiritual perspective means working through limited beliefs and facing fears that do not serve us. We then begin to stop blaming ourselves, stop feeling victimized, stop feeling so ill physically, emotionally and mentally. As we become more and more detached from suffering and pain we no longer expect someone or something else to make us well or happy. To seek and apply spiritual solutions means to have the courage to change oneís attitudes and thoughts, to be a warrior from oneís innermost depth, to tap into the unbounded strength of our individual divinity.

From that perspective, as spiritual beings, we are guided to new solutions, unlimited possibilities and healing and growing from the inside out.

Lucille Ann Meltz, MSED, MA, owner of Arc of Light, Practical Spirituality, a life coach, "Touch the Soul Coaching", creator of the healing guided meditation CD "A Little Light into Your Soul" , a highly experienced trainer on spiritual themes and public speaker. Lucille inspires and helps others to integrate their spiritual self into everyday reality. She is also a professional hand analyst helping individuals discover their Life Purpose and Soul's Agenda through the esoteric art of hand analysis. Website: www.ltl-light.com  e-mail:ltllight@yahoo.com


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