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Article: Camouflage techniques for vitiligo - by Maria

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All treatments for vitiligo http://www.antivitiligo.com/vitiligotreatment.html (oral, topical or surgical) span over months and even years in some cases. And even then there are no sure ways to predict weather a person will benefit from it or not. The major concern of a patient is to avoid the social dilemma related to his vitiligo. To encounter the situation, only choice patients are left with are 'camouflage techniques'.

There are two camouflage methods to choose from, cosmetics and Tattooing (micro-pigmentation)

Patients with vitiligo can cover the white patches with stains, self-tanning or with makeup. These products are of real use when it comes to the areas of cosmetic importance.

The camouflage makeup used for vitiligo lasts longer than ordinary makeup. A female patient can use these to cover her vitiligo patches, by replacing her ordinary make-up kit with specially built make for this purpose.

For male patients self-tanning lotions and stains are often a good choice, as the color will last for several days and will not come back with washing.

Tattooing is used as a camouflage technique, but it is done with artificial pigments which are deposited into the skin, with the help of traditional tattooing needles or by surgical techniques in present scientific era. The accuracy of color match shall depend upon the skill of the person doing it. It will work best for darker skins, and the color may become lighter with the passage of time. There are risks of serious infections spreading through tattooing through traditional methods. Tattooing should only be carried out by certified licensed professional.

As this is the pigment used in tattooing is artificial, so it will not change its color while the surrounding skin will. So some times it may not serve the purpose as accurately, as it should.

Lips being different from other skin as they lack keratin layer. It is the keratin that will make your skin strong, flexible and waterproof. And makeup is again not an option for vitiligo male patients. The only technique that is know to work for lips is tattooing.
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Maria brought up in San diego and love fun and Entertainment in his city. She is busy and enjoying to write the articles on skin problems topics ( http://www.antivitiligo.com ). She always likes to help the poeple. She can be reach at maria@antivitiligo.com


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