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  Article: Traditional Medicines Exposed - by Rajen Doshi  

Turn on your TV, and you are bombarded by advertisements
of some brand new medicine, some 'scientific (?)
breakthrough' or some 'cutting edge technology' to treat
existing complaints.

The advertisements promise quick relief and paint a very
rosy picture of you AFTER you start taking them. All of
them try to downplay the 'SIDE EFFECTS'. Some advertisers
claim that their medicines do cure the disease, even though
the causes are unknown. They attempt to treat the symptoms,
leaving the causes as they are. 

Since the causes are still existing, the symptoms do
reappear requiring another round of those medicines.
Eventually the body becomes habitual to those medicines.
The body, now, has to depend on to those medicines for its
normal functioning. Compare this scenario with 'addiction'
of caffeine and/or nicotine ! 

If you are taking some medicines right now and if you are
on them for some time, 
then you might have noticed,

· that your medical problems are either the same or actually
are increased, 
· that you have to keep on taking them for a very LONG time, 
· that your doctor is either constantly changing the medicines
or the doses to have 'better effect', (you may also be
offered 'a brand new medicine' for your existing complaints.
Once you starts using the 'new medicines' - at your expense,
the doctor would inquire about your experience with the 'new'
medicine ! The information is usually passed on to the
manufacturer, making you part of their experiment !)
- a 'guinea pig' is treated in much better way than we are,
since they are being well taken care off with NO Cost to THEM !,
· that you are spending more and more for your medications,
· that the number of medicines, you have to take daily,
are increasing,
· that you wind up throwing the unused portions of the old
medicines away, (They can not be reused !) 

But that is NOT all .. ,

other problems with the Traditional Medical System are ,

· waste of time and money :- You spend more time in the waiting
room than with the doctor. Since the doctor usually sees 6 to
7 patients in the same time slot, he/she can't give you an
individual attention and discuss your symptoms, their causes,
their remedies etc. It takes several visits and some trial
medicines to have some diagnosis. The 'diagnosis' time
increases if some 'lab' tests are needed ! - A trial and error
procedure ! Unused 'doses' needs to be thrown away - a waste of
money !

· false hope :- The traditional medicines deal with the symptoms
only. The real causes are never discussed. Since the causes are
undetected, the symptoms reappear when the effects of the
medicines wear off. Therefore instead of providing 'cure', the
medicines just MASK the symptoms (or "kill the 'messengers' "). 

· The new medicines are more and more expensive, creating more
financial drain.

· They provide FALSE and MISLEADING information :-

1. Every medicine HAS side effects. NOT TRUE.

2. New and more effective medicines are developed for improving the
health. The reality is that the existing medicines lose their
effect as the time passes, due to the Body's Natural and
Automatic Defense System. New medicines are usually developed
keeping the FINANCIAL health of the manufacturers in mind !

3. The course (of doses) need to be completed before the medicines
could work. The body DOESN'T have any storage place where
those medicines can be stored till they reach to a certain level
before they start working. Either the Medicines Work
Immediately or They are Disposed off by the Body.

4. New medicines are the results of 'Scientific Research'. The
research is mostly 'Statistical'. The statistical results can
be manipulated any way the sponsors of the research want. That
is why the results of these researches (?) vary widely depending
on time, place and bias (of the sponsor). In true scientific
research, the results DO NOT VARY, irrespective of time and/or

5. Once started, one has to take those medicines continuously in
the hope of 'maintaining' the health and keep on paying high
(and increasing) prices. In reality, continuously taking the
man-made chemicals not only forces the body to work hard to
dispose them as quickly as it can, but also weakens the body's
natural defense system. The accumulated results show up as some
serious disease, when the body's natural immune system weakens. 

People are constantly brain washed by the 'traditional medicine
professionals' by focusing on just the symptoms and ignoring the
'root cause(s)'. And unfortunately, the News Media lead the people
to believe in some questionable research (?), called 'STUDIES',
and advise the people to take more and more of those (traditional)
medicines, irrespective of they need them or not.

There usually is no information about their long term effects and
side effects in those 'STUDIES'. Usually, the aim is to announce
to the world about the 'Recent Break-through (!)'. (I heard a news
story about a 'study' done on 14 people, for a month !) 

The people, thus, are stuck with expensive traditional medicines
for a very long time with side effects as bad as (or more worse than)
the original problems. (Some of the medicines are taken just to
prevent the 'Side Effects' of the other medicines.) As a result, the
number of medicines, to be consumed daily, goes on increasing and the
people are forced to make a choice, 'either food or medicines' on a
fixed income. 

On 5/02/04, a report on 'Super-Resistant Super-bugs' appeared in
'60 Minutes' on CBS. The report was about 'a new string of bacteria,
MRSA', which are resistant to all of the available anti-biotic except
one, which the hospitals use only as a last resort. His prediction
was that a newer string of bacteria, which would resist the ultimate
anti-biotic, would evolve in about 5 years !

The reason for this situation :- Excessive use of anti-biotic made
the bacteria resistive to the available anti-biotic.

Recommended solution :- Reduce the use of anti-biotic. Avoid their
use for minor discomforts like 'common cold, pain in the ear etc.' 
There was also a recommendation to pay the drug manufacturers to
develop new anti-biotic drugs.

The report made no mention about the 'automatic immune system of the
body' which works similar to that in the bacteria. The process, which
makes the bacteria resistant to the anti-biotic, occurs in our body in
the same way making us resistant to those bacteria.

Recently, VIOXX, an arthritis medicine, was recalled by its'
manufacturer for a serious side effect affecting the heart ! It was
also reported that both the manufacturer and FDA knew about this
serious side effect since a long time. The FDA never bothered to
inform the users about this earlier. The manufacturer recalled VIOXX
voluntarily and took it OFF the production.

All essential functions in a living entity like, 'breathing, blood 
circulation, temperature control, maintenance etc.', occur automatically.
One of such essential functions is the DEFENSE system. We are all
familiar with body's trial of closing the open wound quickly (with or
without help), functions of the 'white' blood cells, process of
vaccination to develop immunity against that particular disease etc.
They are some of the examples of the body's natural and automatic
defense system. 

It is also well known that when some organ (or some system) of the body
remains dormant, it deteriorates. The automatic immune system, which
is prevented from performing by the 'traditional medicines', also

The long-term effect of inoperative immune system will be an inability
of the body to defend itself against minor discomforts, requiring more
and more of the traditional medicines. (Compare this with any 'addiction'.)

To have strong immune system, 
.. the body must be given a chance to face the diseases and
suffer some pain. (Vaccination is a prime example of
developing immunity.)

Few years back, I was inquiring about taking 'half-an-aspirin daily'
to minimize the risk of heart attack. The doctor said 'yes', but to
my surprise, his nurse advised me to ignore that recommendation of
daily dose of half-an-aspirin. The reason was, 'the aspirin thins the
blood and could create problems in stopping the bleeding.'
She recommended proper diet and exercise to minimize the risk of the
heart attack !

Few months ago, before extracting my teeth, my dentist asked me to get
a note from my doctor about stopping the blood thinner (aspirin) for
few days BEFORE and AFTER the extraction. The reason, 'it is difficult
to stop bleeding after the teeth extraction !' (It was not applicable
to me since I do not take the blood-thinner.)

If the 'traditional medicines' are so harmful, is there any alternate
to those 'traditional medicines' ? 

Yes there is.

The Alternative Approach Is, 

The Readily Available Natural Products
(like 'Garlic, Ginger, Onion etc. ), 
we usually consume. 

The Natural Products, 

· are Readily Available and Inexpensive,

· have No Side Effects,

· can be Discontinued when the Causes are Removed,

· are Effective and Proven,

· have Predictable Results,

· have No Dose Restriction and the dose need NOT be ACCURATE.
There is No Harm, if some doses are SKIPPED occasionally,

· the products have multiple use therefore the money spent on them
is NOT wasted. 

The Natural Products deal with the 'root -cause' of the problems
and hence the relief provided by them, are long lasting. The
products can be discontinued after the problems are taken care of.
Some of the natural products can be continued after the
'root-causes' are removed, with a POSITIVE side effect - body's
immune system is strengthened, enabling the body to deal with
similar diseases WITHOUT any medications! 
(Based on real experiences.)

Treating the 'root - cause', instead of just symptoms, results
into a Long Lasting Effect and eliminates the need of taking
those Medicines Indefinitely. It also eliminates the Long Term
Side Effects.

The article is based on my observation, inquiries and analysis
based on scientific facts. The purpose of this article is to show
the 'untold' side of the 'medicine' story and to make the reader
think and take proper course of action. 

The proverb, 'A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine', shows importance of
dealing with the 'root-cause' over the 'MASKING' (of the symptoms). 

Rajen Doshi.


For more information, VISIT 

Rajen Doshi is experienced in finding the 'root cause' of both
medical and non-medical problems and solving them. The article is
based on his observations and on his own experience. In his ebook,
'Relief For Pennies', the recommended products are readily
available in grocery stores. 



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