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Article: Tips for Erradicating Scabies in your Home - by Sandra Booher

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  The Proven Truth about Eradicating Scabies

Eradicating mites from your home, car, and office is just as important as treating yourself and your family. Unless the mites are completely eradicated from your environment, you will be susceptible to re-infestations over and over again. If possible, it is also important to try and figure out where, or from whom, the infestation occurred. By knowing the source of the scabies you will be able to either make sure that the carrier is informed of what they have (in case they do not know or realize what they have) and treated. It will also enable you to avoid situations where you can become re-infested. 

Below is a list of items that need to be treated:

Mattress: All mattresses must be covered in a plastic zippered mattress pad. This is extremely important because the mites will leave your body while you sleep and go deep into the mattress. The mites can live there for up to 72-96 hours before they need to come back up and feed and infest their host again. You will need to wipe the plastic mattress cover off with disinfectant every morning when you get up.

Pillows: All pillows need to be covered in plastic as well and then covered with the pillow case. This will prevent the mites from getting into the pillows.

Bedding (sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and comforters): All articles of bedding need to be heated up in the dryer, on high, for 20-25 minutes every morning when you get up. Do not leave the bedding lying on the floor as mites could transfer from the bedding to the floor.

Towels: All towels and wash clothes need to be put in the dryer for 20 minutes after use. This will kill any mites that came off of you as you were drying off. You do not want to place any items that may carry mites into any laundry hamper or basket.

Clothing: All articles of clothing should be washed in bleach/borax and then heated in the dryer and then stored in sealed plastic bags. You should also place articles of clothing back into the dryer for 20 minutes on high prior to wearing. Mites love to hide in the seams of clothing, so you want to make sure that you are killing the ones in your clothes.

Shoes: You should spray shoes with a disinfectant and then heat the shoes up for 10-15 minutes with a blow dryer. This will kill any of the mites that are living in your shoe linings.

Belts/Hats/Scarves/Coats: All items that are worn or carried by you should be treated in a dryer, on high, for 20 minutes or cleaned with disinfectant.

Stuffed Animals and other children’s toys: Stuffed animals and other toy items made of material substances need to be thrown into the dryer everyday, on high, for 20 minutes. These articles can also be placed in plastic bags for a minimum of 2 weeks to kill any mites. Wipe down any plastic toys with a disinfectant.

Area / Throw rugs: Your best bet is if you do not need them; place them in a sealed plastic bag out in the garage for a couple of weeks to kill the mites and to lighten your cleaning load. If you choose to leave them in the house, the rugs need to go into the dryer for 20-25 minutes on high everyday.

Carpets: All carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly every day and then dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag. Spray the beaters of the vacuum with the disinfectant spray. You should also steam the carpets with a steamer. We recommend the Shark, from Lowe’s. The heat from the steamer will get into the carpet padding and kill the mites.

Tile or Linoleum Flooring: Hard surface floors need to be cleaned everyday with a hospital grade disinfectant.

Wood Flooring: Wood flooring can be damp mopped with a disinfectant solution and then cleaned with Orange Oil or Murphy’s Oil and then the rags cleaned and dried immediately or use paper towels and disposed of them immediately. 

Furniture: All fabric upholstered furniture needs to be treated with a steamer. We recommend the Shark from Lowe’s. A steamer will shoot hot steam deep into the foam or batting of your furniture where the mites are living, and the heat from the steamer will kill the mites. Just like when you are laying in bed, anytime you are sitting or laying anywhere, the mites can travel off of you and into whatever you may be sitting or laying on. After steaming you will want to spray the surface areas with a non-staining hospital grade disinfectant. DermaTechRx sells a great hospital grade disinfectant. You should then cover the furniture in plastic. You can place a sheet over the plastic for more comfortable sitting, but the sheet will also need to go into the dryer everyday for 20-25 minutes to kill mites.

Computer Area: You will want to treat your computer chair following the above directions for furniture. You also need to wipe any wrist pads, mouse, etc down with disinfectant. Make sure you treat any floor pads that you may have under your computer desk.

Pet areas: Make sure that you also clean and disinfect any areas that your pet may inhabit as they make a great carrier for the mites.

Car: You should take the floor mats out of your vehicle and place in a plastic bag for at least 2 weeks to make sure that all of the mites are dead. You then need to use a steamer to clean the upholstery and carpets in the vehicle. The heat from the steamer will get deep into the seats and kill mites. You then want to cover the seats in plastic and then cover with a towel or sheet to sit on. Everyday the towel or sheet needs to go into the dryer on high for 20 minutes. You need to spray your floor boards with disinfectant.

Office: If you work in an office, you will need to treat your office chair and floor also.

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